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Did you enjoy that Ravens Preview that was given to you and on the right side of your screen for around a week? Yeah. It's better than those half naked women, right? Atleast its about sports.

Well, there is more where that came from as there are more of previews written by WAY better writers than I on other teams.

For one, take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs preview written by Fannation member Lakers:

"Last season the Chiefs finished the season at just 2-14. After the dismal performance, changes were made. Herm Edwards got the boot, and Todd Haley was introduced as the new Head Coach. They also pulled off a big trade and acquired Matt Cassel along with Mike Vrabel from the Patriots. The addition of Cassel should help this Chiefs offense, and I believe the Chiefs will see an improvement from last season. "

You can read his position grades and break downs here.

Maybe if the Chiefs do not tickle your fancy, how about something on a better team. How about the Indianapolis Colts in a great piece written by Fannation member Roberts?

"Last season was an interesting one in Indy, as their brand new home Lucas Oil Stadium was christened with a loss to the Chicago Bears, their first home-opener loss since 2002. The first half of the season was bumpy to say the least, as the Colts were a walking definition of mediocrity. After their Week 8 loss to the Tennessee Titans, they didn't lose another regular season game. They made the playoffs as a Wild Card, an unfamiliar spot for the perennial AFC South champs, and their season ended with a loss to the 8-8 San Diego Chargers in the first round. "

We already know Peyton Manning, his love child, is an A+. How about the receivers minus Marvin Harrison? Find it out yourself.

How about if you are a fan of underdogs. Well do we have the ultimate underdog for you! It doesn't get much under than the Detroit Lions! And you have the privologe to have their season preview written for you by, none other than, DetroitFan -- TD Legend.

"The Detroit Lions are coming off of the only 0-16 season in NFL history. Yeah, that tells you how last year went. There were many quarterback injuries, a bad defense and a horrible offensive line. Jim Schwartz has taken over as the head coach who can hopefully turn this team around. They have been known as the "laughing stock" of the NFL and hopefully this year they can start to make a new name for themselves."

Read THIS and make yourself feel better about the grades you get on those math tests.

You just may be a west coast guy and enjoy yourself a little Cali love. Mac Brody brings that to you in his 49ers and Raiders preview.

There are plenty of other reviews written including the Packers by dyhard, the Buccaneers written by Gruden, the Browns written by yours truely, or the Texans written by jbfpack.

I can guarantee you that every team in the NFL will be covered this season. You can keep yourself updated here.



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