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AFC North:

Pittsburgh are the defending champs so it seems that they should have their own division under wraps but they'll be facing the fierce Ravens as they emerge. The key I'm looking for here is Joe Flacco. If he has a monter season, it's the Ravens' to lose. Both match well in every category so if the sophomore QB can emerge as a star, he'll put them over the top and their success could go a little further than simply win the deivision. As for the Bengals, they should improve with the return of Carson Palmer and the emergence of Chris Henry and Cedric Benson. Finally, expect nothing more than a rebuildong season for the Browns.

Standings: Ravens (12-4), Steelers (11-5), Bengals (5-11), Browns (2-14)


AFC  South:

The Colts have a new coach and their running still poses more than a few questions but they should still take back the division. But Houston is everybody's team to watch and I'll make no exception but this isn't completely their year. The Titans come back with one massive piece missing, literally, Albert Haynesworth which will affect their success. They'll slump but will be close competition for Indiannapolis and Houston. As for the Jaguars, they'll improve but don't expect them to return to their 07/08 form.

Standings: Colts (12-4), Texans (10-6), Titans (9-7), Jaguars (7-9)


AFC East:

The return of Tom Brady means the Patriots are back. They won't be perfect but all the other teams in their division have a lot of questions to answer before they can compete. Next comes the Jets, if Sanchez can avoid committing big mistakes their improved defense, coached by a defensive genius should get the job done. But let's not forget Sanchez is still a rookie. The Dolphins are being called one-year wonders but they won't go away this easily. That being said, they'll struggle with their tough schedule. I'm not sold out on the Bills because they brought in TO, Trent Edwards still needs to improve and Lynch has to return to his rookie season form in order for the Bills to have a strong season.

Standings: Patriots (13-3),  Bills (9-7), Jets (7-9), Dolphins (6-10)


AFC West:

This division is the Chargers' to lose. They have a good defense, good QB and a future HOF, Ladanian Tomlinson, who I think has a lot left in the tank if he can avoid injury. The Broncos aren't out yet but a bad defense, questions about your starting QB and running backand a disgruntled star WR make for a very hard season. The Chiefs are back in my mind not playoffs back but they're on their way. Matt Cassel won't have the same quality of receivers but he shows signs of greatness and should do well. Larry Johnson should also have a stellar season. At last the Raiders, well, nothing more need be said...

Standings: Chargers (11-5), Chiefs (8-8), Broncos (7-9), Raiders (3-13)

So what do you think will happen in AFC?

Stay tuned for the NFC predictions. 


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