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The man is known and praised for his 2000+ posts on since he started there on August 2nd, 2008.

He is Mr. Roch Kubatko.

Yes, impressive, over two-thousand posts in a little over a year. But if I told you that Adam Dunn led the NL in walks in 2007 and leads it again this season, you have to think he has a great batting eye. Just like with Roch's two hundred posts, there is an ugly truth to Dunn's numbers. But, Roch's truth is uglier than Adam Dunn's 300 strikeouts to go along with those 216 walks.

Let's get down and dirty with Roch Kubatko's stats, shall we?

His more than two thousand posts spans 387 days (as of today - August 24th, 2009). Now, let's assume that Roch has 2,500 posts on That total would average out to roughly six and a half posts per day.

Let's break this down even further. There has been 9,288 hours (rounding today into a whole day), that Roch has been posting on That means he has produced one post every 3.7 hours.

Thats a massive quantity. However, as the numbers can tell you, roughly four hours in between posts doesn't give you much time to put together a well-thought article. I, for one, take more than four hours to write one article. Heck, I'll be lucky if I don't finish an article in a single day. Think about that, I put that much time into my writing and don't even get paid for it.

Don't you think you could have combined some of those posts into one, Mr. Quantity?

Now back to Roch's numbers.

Every day of the baseball calendar that the Orioles have a game, Roch posts the line-ups for the games. Sometimes, even two articles; one being for the Orioles and the other for the opponent. Since Roch was hired on August 2nd, 2008, there has been 177 Orioles games played. That is at least 177 line-ups posted and, let's be generous, and say only a fifth of the time he posts the line-ups in two separate posts. That is an extra 35 posts bumping the number up to 212. That comes out to around 11.8% of his posts being line-ups.

Then there is the other times, that are in the other 88.2%, that is just utter ... well ... utterly depressing.

I would assume the job description of an Orioles writer would be to write about the Orioles. I must have been mistaken. Oh! But wait, I see a sentence ... A SENTENCE about the Orioles game that evening. Oh, and yes! I see two sentences about what Roch ate! Delightful!

I wonder if this was the speech he got when he accepted that buy out from the Baltimore Sun during their staff reductions?

In short, Roch Kubatko should not be praised for his massive amount of posts. When it comes to writing, give me quality over quantity any day. Just think about a book, for instance. A best selling author does not become "best selling," just because he puts out hundreds of books within months. He because a best seller from quality. Quality, Roch, quality.

Now, I respect Roch Kubatko as a man in the field that I may take a venture into in the future. However... eh...



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