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NFC West:

This division is very interesting with the Cardinals coming off a near Championship with pretty much the same pieces (that is if Boldin stays). However the 49ers look like they are ready to compete. THeir QB and WR situation aren't stable but if they can manage to play well enough Frank Gore is an exceptional back capable to lead them to victory. The Seahawks will be a dangerous team with the return of Hasselback and the arrival of Housh. But that won't win you a division. The Rams are the last team here and they could also be intriguing with the signing of Jason Brown, their running game receives a big boost and it wasn't that bad to start with.

Standings: Cardinals (11-5), 49ers (9-7), Seahawks (7-9), Rams (6-10)

 NFC North:

One of my favourite divisions to watch and now with Brett Favre back, it just gets better and better. The Vikings seem to be the clear cut favorite and we all know why but don't hand them the trophy just yet since if we were to rank the QBs, I'd put him third (at this point in his career) after Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers. The Bears have a superior QB and a good RB (not as good as AP of course) and a respectable defense and will be close competitors as will the Packers who have the same elements and also include better WRs.Finally, the Lions ought to end up with a few victories as they try to integrate Stafford more and more.

Standings: Vikings (12-4), Bears (11-5), Packers (10-6), Lions (2-14)

 NFC South:

The Falsons are the easy pick; an exception QB, RB, WRs and a decent defense are a good recipe. Next comes in the Saints, improving slightly with the emergeance of Thomas Pierre. The Panthers were good last year but I don't know if they can keep it up with questions at the QB spot. Finally the Bucs got rid of half their team and will have a tough season while trying to rebuild.

Standings: Falcons (13-3), Saints (10-6), Panthers (7-9), Bucs (4-12)

NFC East:

A heated competition will start in this division and my pick to win this dogfight are the Eagles. Not only because they have an expert at dogfights (Vick) but because McNabb is the better QB in this division. Eli Manning will struggle without a single proven WR and Brandon Jacobs will have to carry a big load. However their defense should keep them in  competition and in the hunt for the division title. The Cowboys come in this season with a questions at every position except maybe the Qb and RB positions where they seem set. At last, the Redskins are an improved team but will Jason Cambell have it in him? I don't his coaches are sure of that and neither am I.

Standings: Eagles (12-4), Giants (10-6), Cowboys (9-7), Redskins (6-10)

So what do you think will happen in the NFC?


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