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I believe Michael Vick will try to make the most out of his second chance. I believe that the Eagles made the right choice picking up the troubled quarterback when no other team would. In this blog i will discuss how Michael Vick helps out the team as well as where he will go from there.

This move has tremendous after effects that will only take time in the NFL to unravel. Right now the ripple effect starts in Philidelphia as they signed Michael Vick to a 2 year contract. As always in the NFL, when you get a player of Vick's caliber sent to an already potential super bowl winning candidate everybody wets themselves a little bit. Philedelphia now has thee most potent wild-cat formation in the league. This is vital as even though the Eagles drafted a runningback to fill in for Westbrook on some downs, he is still a rookie and therefor placing a heavy load on him is unwise (though when i say a 'heavy load' im talking 10 carries a game, 20 snaps maybe a game). Now with Vick as  a supreme runner and notable veteran in the league (even after 2 years in jail) the eagles can balance Brian Westbrook's resting time and still not haft to worry about missing a beat. I believe Michael Vick will be an important part in the Eagles offensive schemes, however it is my belief that because he will play such an important part that NFL team will not want to risk Michael hitting the free agency market again and having another team picking him up. I expect him to be traded by the end of this season, the redskins may make a play for them but after a year in the eagles offensive schemes i wouldn't see a trade to the redskins unless a big defensive player was included with the trade. Possible teams for Michael to go to and why:

Titans-Kerry Colins is a good quarterback but he can't lead a team to the superbowl and win, he doesnt score enough points but the touchown/turnover ratio during the regular season definitely helps the team to victory. Vince Young is a solid quarterback but i wouldn't expect the Titans to acknowledge him as an elite quarterback.

Arizona- Kurt Warner is taking it year by year now, surely the Cardinals will want some insurance behind him as they have very little in Matt Leinhart and Michael Vick will definitely help their running game.

Denver Broncos- Kyle Orton.....who?.......point enough. I like Chris Simms there but he is to tough a player with a body that cant play the same style.

 San Francisco- Shaun Hill is practically an identical picture of Kerry Colins, Mike Singletary isn't one to beat around the bush, if he thinks Vick prooved with one season under his belt that he could stay out of trouble as well as be effective then he will definitely take him.

Carolina-Jake Delhomme is a good option but is just not consistent enough to compete week in and week out in today's NFL with the athlete's that are being produced.

St. Louis Rams- I see the rams finally losing their confidence in Marc Bulger after all those bad years they can only believe next year will be the turnaround year for so long, But i do see the Rams making a trade for Tavaris Jackson on the Vikings, just a gut feeling, and the Vikings seem to think Jackson is expendable these days.

Minnesota Vikings- IF and only IF they trade Tavaris to the rams or another team.


Michael Brings a whole new threat to defense's. As nearly every college football fan saw this year it's much harder for a defense to defend against a quarterback who can run as well as throw (Tim Tebow). I do note that it is much easier to have success at the college/university level for that style of quarterback as the talent pool is not as dense as in the NFL. However Vick just has enough speed to be able to have success at the pro level (as we have all seen).

Comment on this or send me a message, i would like to hear all of your opinions on this and anything else in the NFL.


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