Well, I'm back after successfully graduating my Basic Military Course, and after missing 2 months of MMA action, I've had to make some significant changes to my pound for pound list. The biggest change, other then some movement up and down the list, is Miguel Torres being left off. Being an experienced fighter, he had no excuse losing to a fighter with only 7 fights under his belt at the time. Also, I'd like to admit that I had previously said that I thought Lesnar was extremely overrated, but if he beat Mir then I'd have no choice but to give him respect. Well, after the way he finished Mir, I've got to say he's a legitamite fighter.

Here is the revised top 5 MMA Pound for Pound list.

 #5 Lyoto Machida

         Machida is unbeaten in his MMA career with wins over some top competition like BJ Penn, Rich Franklin, Rashad Evans and T. Silva, so its tough to not have him on this list. His greatest aspect is that he avoids punishment like no other fighter in all of MMA. Mix that with his deadly countre-striking and he's a lethal fighter. Although he's gone to decision in most of his fights, no fighter has been able to challenge him. Furthermore, it is argued that Machida has never lost a round in any of his MMA fights. His only " flaw " is that many call him a boring fighter, but his last two KO's of Rashad and T. Silva render that untrue.

#4 Gegard Mousasi

       I've been hyping this fighter for a long time and he keeps living up to my expectations. This 24 year old has 29 fights under his belt, and is 26-2-1. He has beaten some really tough and experienced opponents like Ronaldo Souza, Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang, Hector Lombard and most recently he destroyed Renato Sobral in exactly one minute. He also beat Mark Hunt seven minutes faster then Fedor could. Speaking of which, his record, and fighting style is earily similar to that of Fedors. Like Fedor, Mousasi likes to finish his fighters quickly, with 21 of his fights ending in the first round. Considering Mousasi is training with the Last Emperor, it's like that pretty soon he is going to be the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world. Mark my word.

# 3 Fedor Emlianenko

       I hate to do this because I am one of Fedor's biggest fans, and have defended him as the top pound for pound fighter for years. But now I can't honestly tell myself that today, as of this minute, he is the best fighter out there. He might still be, but until he proves that he is I have to put him 3rd. His last two fights seemed impressive at the time, but both Silvia and Arlovski were demolished even worse in their next fights. On top of that, and this is my main reason for dropping him, Fedor was given the opportunity to sign with the UFC, the best MMA organisation in the world. They offered him a ton of money AND said he could keep fighting Sambo. Instead of accepting, he countered with more conditions that eventuallly lead to the deal being dropped. Now he signed with Strikeforce and is scheduled to fight the inexperienced, one hit wonder Brett Rogers. He doesn't deserve to be the top pound for pound fighter if he's not going to put his record on the line and fight some real opponents. Mir, Lesnar, Cain, Carwin, Big Nog, Cro Cop, Couture, Gonzaga. Sure he's fought some of those opponents before, but they are still better match ups then Strikeforce has to offer. His lack of motivation, and willingness to fight top competition gets him demoted to the # 3 spot.

# 2 Georges St Pierre

        Unlike Fedor, GSP is willing to fight the best fighter the UFC can throw at him. Then toss that fighter around like a rag doll. Georges has unbelievable wrestling, striking, BJJ, and cardio. He is easily the best athlete in the UFC and one of the best well rounded fighters. He has beaten BJ twice, Hughes twice, Mayhem Miller, Sean Sherk, Karo Parysian, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves. Not one of those fighters, other then BJ in their first fight ever even tested him. He throws his opponents around like rag dolls, mixes superman punches and spinning back kicks into his combos and finishes fights with sick armbars. Just ask Matt Hughes. Georges almost took his head off with a headkick in his first win against Hughes, then switched it up and popped his shoulder out with an armbar in their next fight. Georges is looking unstoppable in the octagon right now, especially after clearing out the WW division with his last win over Alves. He has next to no one left to fight in that division. Look for a GSP - Silva Superfight next (fingers crossed).

#1 Anderson Silva

      Its unfortunate that the only way you can get A. Silva to show off his skill is when you throw someone good at him. Luckily the UFC MW division has a lot of talent left to offer. Lets hope we don't see Silva matched up against any Cotes or Lietes in the near future. Silva is currently on an 11 fight win streak, with 10 of those coming in the octagon, and 5 of those being title defences. He has ran through top fighters Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin and Sakurai, as well as recently defeating former LHW champ Forrest Griffen in the LHW division. He has pin point accurate striking, deadly clinch, sick head kicks, and he submitted Dan Henderson. If he would stop dancing around the octagon when he is given lower grade fighters and finish them off like people want him to, he'd be the epitomy of a perfect fighter. That being said, he is damn close as it is ...


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