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Jay Cutler was sent to the Chicago Bears from the Denver Broncos. It was seen by most as thee most pivotal transaction of this offseason. Though i agree with that statement i do not think Denver should have gotten rid of Jay Cutler. I don't believe Jay Cutler will do well as a Chicago Bear and though i agree with everybody else that Denver has little hope to win over four games this season i will explain why.

Jay Cutler leaving the Broncos.... Jay Cutler leaving the Denver flipping Broncos. Wait? Really? Denver got rid of Jay Cutler because Jay got upset over Josh McDaniels supposedly trying to trade for Matt Cassel. Ofcourse it "takes two to tango" but you can't help but slap your forehead with your hand if you are the Broncos front office. You have supposedly the next great thing in Jay Cutler, two pro-bowl caliber receivers in Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal not to mention a solid third option in Brandon Stokley. Then they hire Josh McDaniels, excellent resume, good young coach, the Broncos figure they have a better version of Mike Tomlin and they hire him. So when it comes down to player or coach who do you choose? Surely the coach as picking the player would give other players on the franchise the feeling that they can do whatever they want, or maybe it's surely the player because he's the one in games, interpreting the coordinator's plays and making things happen, especially such a star quarterback like Jay Cutler. Both are legitimate arguments but aren't coaches littered around the league who are still good options, Bill Cowher for instance, who everybody knows will come out of retirement, might have been lured out of retirement with the right offer. The Broncos did have a very good draft and they appeared to have an offensive juggernaut set up for the coming season, surely this would entice nearly any decent head coach to come to mile-high stadium.

I do not believe Jay Cutler will do better as a Bear. Critisize me all you like, there will be some who agree and some who don't. As Norman Chad pointed out Jay Cutler does not have a winning record for his career since his days in high school when he went 26-1. Jay simply had more tools in Denver, he had superstar receivers, experience with the playbook, and an unlimited amount of decently talentedRB's. You can't even compare Devin Hester to Brandon Marshall at the receiver position. Cutler faces such a step down in that area that he would need to throw 300 completetions to Matt Forte if he hoped to get over 3500 yards this season. Experience with the playbook can effect a quarterback's season a great deal, just look at Peyton Manning, if he did not know his playbook through and through he would not be able to audible to the preferred play 10 times before each snap. An unlimited amount of decently talented runningbacks does help. Last season the Broncos went through nearly every decent runningback they had and more, this year they had the knowledge of knowing what runners like Peyton Hillis can do with the ball when they're healthy. This does add a new valueble weapon to any offense as Matt Forte being the star in Chicago and having no decent backup means that defense's can start keying down on his running style and the holes and plays he runs most. Then when his backup comes in they focus in on Jay Cutler. I am aware that good RB's do beat defense's no matter what the scheme's they play in (Adrian Peterson).

Being an avid Pittsburgh Steeler fan I am never one to close the book on anybody until it is over but i just cannot see Denver winning more then four games this season. Despite all i said about their offense. They're young and inexperienced excluding newly acquired safety Brian Dawkins. Their offense was built around a strong arm of Jay Cutler and replacing him with jelly armed Kyle Orton makes their offense a blunt instrument, powerful but ineffective in the wrong hands...Orton's hands. Denver also has one of thee hardest schedules this year.

If you disagree and believe that Denver did the right move getting rid of Cutler or to agree that they did the wrong move, or perhaps you think chicago will do well or even Denver has a chance of breaking the 4 win line simply leave a comment and i'll get back to you as son as possible.


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