So my picks for UFC 102 were pretty weak, only going 2/5, leaving me with 17/23 overall. I'm really disappointed with Chris Leben. The guy has to be the most inconsistent fighter in the UFC. Also disappointed with Maia, although not entirely surprised. The guy is a menace on the ground, but he chose to stand with Marquardt, which obviously couldn't turn out well. As for UFC 103, we get to see Vitor Belfort back in the UFC, as well as Cro Cop coming off his controversial win over Al-Turk.


Tyson Griffin vs Hermes Franca

Tyson Griffin is 5-1 in his last six, with his only loss coming to Sherk by decision. Hermes is coming off a rough patch, with two straight loses against Sherk and Edgar, both great fighters, and a win over Marcus Aurelio. I don't think Hermes has the ability to catch Griffin in a submission anymore, so I'll give Tyson the Unanimous Decision win.

Josh Koscheck vs Frank Trigg

Its good to see Frank Trigg back in the UFC after working his ass off in Strikeforce. He's 4-0 in his four and looked real sharp in his fight against Vitale. Unfortunately, Koscheck needs a win here after getting shocked by Paulo Thiago. Josh has stronger striking and BJJ, and if the fight does make it in the later rounds, his cardio will easily outlast the 37 year old Triggs. So I'll give Koscheck the Unanimous Decision.

Paul Daley vs Martin Kampmann

Well this is unfortunate.. I was looking forward to seeing my boy Swick fight. So, this Daley fella has some damn good striking. Will it be enough to stop Kampmann? Well, neither McFedries nor Rivera could knock out Kampmann, but Marquadt did in just over a minute. So I geuss it depends on how Martin takes this fight. If he tries and stand with Daley, it might not turn out in his favour. But if he mixes it up with takedowns and a little jits, as well as some striking, he should do fine. I think Daley will hang in there and take it to a decision, but I think Martin Kampmann will take this with a Unanimous Decision.

Mirco Cro Cop vs Junio Dos Santos

This is a real tough fight to pick because Dos Santos has looked great in his last two fights, KO'ing Werdum and Struve. Cro Cop on the other hand beat up on Hong Man Choi then took the controversial win over Al-Turk, so it's tough to judge which Mirco is going to show up to fight. If the Pride Mirco does, he should have no problem with Dos Santos, but if the Kongo/Gonzaga Cro Cop comes, then Dos Santos might be able to take this one. I still have faith in my Croatian boy, so I'll give Cro Cop the 3rd round TKO win.

Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort

Vitor is 4-0 in his last four, but he hasn't been fighting anyone of Franklins calibur. Franklin is coming off a great fight against W. Silva, and a tough loss against Henderson. This fight is taking place at a catchweight of 195, so it will be interesting to see where this puts the winner of the fight. I think Vitor might have better striking, when he shows up to fight, but its also his first time in an octogan in a while, which is always a change. Still, I think that Vitor has great striking and that has always given Franklin trouble, so Vitor by 2nd round KO.


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