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As I've mentioned in many of my earliest posts, I never was a huge fan of sports. It probably has something to do with the fact that I was never very good at them and something about being cut from the 6th grade basketball team that may have scarred me for life. However it's apparent that I'm now over it. Since moving to New England and working for a company that is sports related I have found myself getting more and more involved with many sports and I absolutely love it. I put all that out on the table so you understand when I say I never thought I'd look forward to a Fantasy Football Draft.

I'd seen and heard some talk on Fantasy Football on television or on movies, but I'll be honest, I had no idea what they were talking about. I had no idea how the system worked and for all I knew it was just a bunch of made up pretend football leagues. I have since learned the error of my ways. First experience I had with Fantasy Football was participating in a comapny league last year. The draft was a lot of fun. I had no idea what teams or players were good. As many do on draft day, I listened to as many Fantasy Football Draft podcasts and wrote down any player names I heard. I had no idea even what their positions were, I just figured if someone else had talked about them they must be somewhat significant. 

 The season went on and I pretty much forgot about the game. Weeks went by and every once-in-a-while I would check my team, but not understanding any of the numbers or what it all meant I would look at it for about 5 seconds before moving on. Then one week I got an instant message from a coworker. "You should move so-and-so (I don't remember the player's name) out, he's injured and trade in this guy." See I was up against a team that he wanted me to beat that week, so it was in his best interest that I had a full roster. He showed me how to swap out the players on my bench. He showed me the indicator for latest information about specific players and most importantly the projections. Low and behold I won that week. I was excited. With that little bit of knowledge I continued to tweek my roster and keep an eye on the stats. Later in the season he showed me how to trade for new players to enhahnce and strengthen my team.

 At the end of the seson I didn't do to bad and found out that my team pics weren't half bad either. I found that half of the trick is just keeping an eye on things, making sure all your players are playing and I found that alone made the difference many weeks. I was really getting into it at the end and found the game was a great way to keep an eye on the NFL. I now started to become familiar with names and players and cared what was going on and when games were played.

 It's that experience that has led me to this season's excitement for NFL Fantasy Football. I'm excited to start over in a brand new season, now understanding at least the basics of the game. I'm hoping to take advantage of more advance tools like trading more actively and some better draft picks. 

 Not only will I be participating this season I've joined 2 leagues. I hope I can keep track of them both :s The benefit to that is that I get a draft pick test run. The first draft I participated in was last night. The results are as follows:

  •  Maurice Jones-Drew RB 
  • Tom Brady QB 
  • Marion Barber RB
  • Brandon Marshall WR 
  • Joseph Addai RB 
  • Lee Evans WR 
  • Brett Favre QB 
  • Greg Olsen TE 
  • Packers D/ST D/ST 
  • Fred Taylor RB
  • LeSean McCoy RB 
  • Domenik Hixon WR 
  • Matt Hasselbeck QB 
  • Tony Scheffler TE 
  • Mason Crosby K
  • Glen Coffee RB
I'd love any feedback readers can give for going into my next draft. What do you think of the picks I made? What are some other key ones that I should have gone for? Let just say I know I went risky with the QB situation. I can't belive I made the picks I did, it can either end up really awesome or really bad, I know. But other than that what do you think?


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