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   As some of you may remember from last year, my sister plays softball for JMS. Last year's season was much like the previous seasons faced by Coach Brown, the head coach, and it ended with only two wins the whole season. However, there was a lot of hope in the air, and it has shown so far this year. The Lady Dragons finally have good batters, girls that can field the ball, and a pitcher that is consistant. That has led to a 7-0 record and some rumblings of a possible undefeated season. So, everything's perfect, right? Wrong. One key part of any team is falling apart, and it may lead to a meltdown by all. So, what is it? The parents, of course.

     Let me state some key examples of stupid complaints by parents so far this year. First let's begin with the backup pitcher. She is a pretty good pitcher and could start, but I believe the last time she actually hit a softball it was sitting on the top of a tee. When you compare her with the starter, the starter has an edge. She has been unhittable, and she's only given up one run all year. However, the second string pitcher's parents are very upset. They have done nothing but trash Coach Brown. Coach Brown has asked the players to cheer on their team, but the mother of the backup pitcher is extremely upset at this. "My daughter does not have to cheer if she does not want to", she said. And that's not even the worse part of the entire situation with Coach Brown and the mother. THEY ARE RELATED! The other day Coach Brown was talking about how good the team has been, and her husband said sarcastically "Well, it hasn't been because of nothing you've done" to him. I'm actually friends with their son, and I never saw this coming from them. It has since been rumored that she is going to quit the team, but as of now she's still there.

       This isn't the only headache Coach Brown has had to deal with. JMS has about 6 8th graders, but none start. This upset one of the player's step-dad, and he exchanged some words with Coach Brown. Coach Brown said that all this going on has caused his blood pressure to go so high that he could have had a stroke. Well, that might not be too bad, right? I mean, he must be a big guy, right?? Wrong. Coach Brown is about 28 years old, and he's a real little guy. Plus he has three kids. Is all this hustle and bustle over a dang school softball team worth ruining his life? I say no. So, what should be done?

     If I were principal, I would get all the parents together and leave Coach Brown out of the meaning. Then I would give them an ultimatum: Either back off and let Coach Brown call the shots, or the softball team is history. People are calling for a different coach, but Coach Brown is doing a pretty good job. If this situation happened, I would guarantee every parent would shut their mouth and let it go.

    Coach Brown is a good guy, and that's what the biggest problem is. Let's compare this to JMS girls' basketball. The head coach, Coach Baggs, doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks, and he himself will tell you that. This is a crucial characteristic to a good head coach, and I only hope Coach Brown finds this somehow. Let me say to end this "THIS TEAM IS UNDEFEATED! WHEN YOU ARE WINNING, YOU SHOULDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!! Now if this team was 0-7, some of these complaints would make some sense, but the team is undefeated. School ball is taken more seriously than rec ball, and some people still don't see it. I say get use to this, because this is LIFE.

(Note: Some of the names above were changed for either a) to protect them or b) to protect me from some of the parents hearing about this and hunting me down)



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