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I looked at the ESPN hockey fantasy rankings, and they were terrible. So I decided to make my own, with my own projections.


1. Alex Ovechkin, Was LW

Started slow last year, and missed some time, all due to his Grandfather being sick, but once he died and Ovechkin came back, he went on fire.

2009 Projection- 63 goals, 50 assists


2. Evgeni Malkin, Pit C

On a great team, will get lots of power play points. Had the most points last year, I think he can do it again.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 75 assists


3. Sidney Crosby, Pit C

Again, on a great team, and he finally has wingers that he has chemistry with, and plays good with, in Kunitz and Guerin.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 80 assists


4. Ryan Getzlaf, Ana C

ESPN some how has him at 17, but once again will be among the league leaders in points.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 68 assists


5. Ilya Kovalchuk, Atl LW

ESPN has him at 45th? Are the crazy? Second best scorer in the league, after only Ovechkin, and has some talent around him this year with Antropov, Kane, and Little.

2009 Projection- 50 goals, 40 assists


6. Tim Thomas, Bos G

Last years Vezina winner. On a good team, which means lots of wins, and should have a great GAA and SV% again.

2009 Projection- 36 wins, 2.20 GAA, .928 SV%


7. Zach Parise, NJ LW

Great scorer, gets lots of ice time, but his numbers may take a dip under Lemaire.

2009 Projection- 40 goals, 40 assists


8. Pavel Datsyuk, Det C

Doesn't have Hossa on his line anymore, but will still play with talented players. Will help your +/- as he always has a great +/-.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 55 assists


9. Jarome Iginla, Cgy RW

His numbers have slowly been going down, but in an Olympic year will have a great year.

2009 Projection- 45 goals, 45 assists


10. Rick Nash, Cls LW

Has a full season with Derek Brassard, so he finally has a centre for the first time in his career. 

2009 Projection- 40 goals, 45 assists


11. Marc Savard, Bos C

May not have Kessel to feed the puck to anymore, but will still put up a lot of assists. He will also have a high +/-.

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 60 assists


12. Jeff Carter, Phi C

A great sniper, in a great offense.

2009 Projection- 40 goals, 40 assists


13. Zdeno Chara, Bos D

I have him as the top defenseman, just because he will have such a high +/-.

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 30 assists


14. Roberto Luongo, Van G

Maybe the best goalie in the league, and Vancouver should still get a lot wins. He also gets lots of wins, playing so much.

2009 Projection- 40 wins, 2.30 GAA, .922 SV%


15. Martin Brodeur, NJ G

Also plays a lot, so will get a lot of wins. Also will have a great defensive team with Lemaire.

2009 Projection- 38 wins, 2.30 GAA, .920 SV%


16. Eric Staal, Car C

Had a great playoffs. He also has a winger in which he has a ton of chemistry with in Cole. He also gets a lot of ice time.

2009 Projection- 40 goals, 38 assists


17. Niklas Backstrom, Min G

His numbers may go down without Lemaire, but is still a top goalie.

2009 Projection- 33 wins, 2.30 GAA, .924 SV%


18. Mike Green, Was D

The top scoring defenseman, will get easily over 25 goals.

2009 Projection- 28 goals, 33 assists


19. Henrik Zetterberg, Det LW

Will have good linemates with Franzen. Also will have a good +/- and get lots of power play points.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 50 assists


20. Nicklas Lidstrom, Det D

Always a Norris contender, with great numbers. But he is getting old.

2009 Projection- 18 goals, 40 assists


21. Joe Thornton, SJ C

His numbers have slowly been going down, but since he was traded to San Jose, no one has more points.

2009 Projection- 20 goals, 60 assists


22. Evgeni Nabokov, SJ G

San Jose always has a lot of regular season wins.

2009 Projection- 38 wins, 2.36 GAA, .915 SV%


23. Marian Gaborik, NYR RW

If healthy he is one of the best. So buyer beware!!!

2009 Projection- 37 goals, 40 assists


24. Jonathan Toews, Chi C

Young, and keeps getting better. He is also on a good team.

2009 Projection- 32 goals, 45 assists


25. Ryan Miller, Buf G

Is healthy now, had a great season last year.

2009 Projection- 35 wins, 2.30 GAA, .918 SV%


26. Steve Mason, Cls G

Coming off a great rookie season, should have another great season.

2009 Projection- 33 wins, 2.28 GAA, .922 SV%


27. Mike Richards, Phi C

Will put up good numbers, and if PIM count in your league, he should help. He is also always gets a load of shorthanded goals.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 45 assists


28. Dion Phaneuf, Cgy D

Should bounce back, and have a good +/- and get some goals. I think Phaneuf will have a great year under Sutter, and will play great trying to make Team Canada.

2009 Projection- 21 goals, 30 assists


29. Brenden Morrow, Dal LW

Should be back, is a solid scorer, and will help in PIM.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 40 assists


30. Vincent Lecavalier, TB C

Will have a bounce back season, is a great scorer.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 40 assists


31. Cam Ward, Car G

Another goalie, he had the most wins last season, and is a goalie that puts up some of the best numbers.

2009 Projection- 40 wins, 2.38 GAA, .919 SV%


32. Henrik Lundqvist, NYR G

Ever since coming into the league he has been a top, elite goalie. But I feel the Rangers are a weaker team this season ( ) and his wins will go down, but he does play a lot.

2009 Projection- 34 wins, 2.40 GAA, .916 SV%


33. Marc-Andre Fleury, Pit G

Is on a good team, so the wins will come, but is inconsistent, and doesn't have great regilar season numbers.

2009 Projection- 39 wins, 2.50 GAA, .914 SV%


34. Thomas Vanek, Buf LW

Will put up the goals with the best of them, he had 40 while missing 9 games last year! But he doesn't get many assists.

2009 Projection- 45 goals, 23 assists


35. Shea Weber, Nsh D

Wont get you a great +/-, but will net you some goals. A solid defenseman to have.

2009 Projection- 22 goals, 28 assists


36. Bobby Ryan, Ana RW

Had 31 goals in limited action last year. Is also on a great line with Perry and Getzlaf.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 35 assists


37. Corey Perry, Ana RW

Will get you goals, while helping in PIM, and nearly every stat that counts in fantasy hockey.

2009 Projection- 31 goals, 40 assists


38. Nicklas Backstrom, Was C

Gets you a lot of assists, and some goals, but has a bad +/- and wont help in any other stats.

2009 Projection- 18 goals, 60 assists


39. Daniel Sedin, Van LW

Gets the goals his brother sets him up on.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 40 assists


40. Henrik Sedin, Van C

Doesn't put up the goals like his brother, but sets him up. Henrik is the better of the two, but in fantasy his brother is.

2009 Projection- 18 goals, 60 assists


41. Michael Cammalleri, Mon LW

A great sniper, but in a new town, with new teammates, and a new system.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 40 assists


42. Johan Franzen, Det C

On a good line with Zetterberg, but his regular season stats aren't as good as his playoff stats, but is still really good.

2009 Projection- 36 goals, 28 assists


43. Patrick Kane, Chi RW

How will all the drama work out with Kane? I think he will be okay, but may start slow.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 38 assists


44. Alexander Semin, Was LW

Isn't on the line with Backstrom and Ovechkin, but still plays with them on the powerplay and is a talented forward.

2009 Projection- 37 goals, 28 assists


45. Chris Pronger, Phi D

Will get you around 15 goals and be a + player. He is also the QB on a good power play.

2009 Projection- 17 goals, 35 assists


46. Dan Boyle, SJ D

A great offensive deffensman, coming off a great year.

2009 Projection- 15 goals, 45 assists


47. Brad Boyes, StL RW

A top sniper, on a raising team.

2009 Projection- 37 goals, 35 assists


48. Steven Stamkos, TB C

I'm big on Stamkos. He had a great 2nd half of the season, and lead the World Championships in goals, and has great chemistry with St. Louis and Malone.

2009 Projection- 35 goals, 32 assists


49. Dany Heatley, Ott LW

This is another buyer beware, he may be traded during the season, but if he wants to be moved, the best way to do so is by playing good.

2009 Projection- 38 goals, 38 assists


50. Olli Jokinen, Cgy C

ESPN has him ranked 9, I'm not big on him, but he is on a line with Iggy.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 45 assists


51. Pekka Rinne, Nsh G

Came on strong last year. Nashville always seems to do good with Barry Trotz.

2009 Projection- 33 wins, 2.35 GAA, .918 SV%


52. Dennis Wideman, Bos D

Probably will have a great +/- again, and get a lot of assists.

2009 Projection- 12 goals, 35 assists


53. Brad Richards, Dal C

Was injured a lot last year, but if healthy Richards can be a big sleeper and be a top 25 forward.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 40 assists


54. Alexandre Burrows, Van LW

Will help out with PIM and get you goals.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 20 assists


55. Jay Bouwmeester, Cgy D

On a new, better team. Will put up the points as well, and if you league counts ATOI, then Bouwmeester is your man.

2009 Projection- 15 goals, 45 assists


56. Andrei Markov, Mon D

Montreal's best player, he is one of the best defenseman in the game.

2009 Projection- 18 goals, 40 assists


57. Sheldon Souray, Edm D

Has a bomb from the point, but wont help your +/- and wont get many assists.

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 32 assists


58. Scott Hartnell, Phi LW

Will get you goals and PIM.

2009 Projection- 29 goals, 32 assists


59. John Tavares, NYI C

Not much around him in his rookie season, but will get you around 25 goals.

2009 Projection- 28 goals, 33 assists


60. David Booth, Fla LW

Had a great year, but it was a contract year, expect his goal total to go down.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 30 assists


61. Jonas Hiller, Ana G

Giggy isn't going to let Hiller have the starting job that easy, he will start as the starter but will have to play good early to keep his starting job.

2009 Projection- 31 wins, 2.39 GAA, .920 SV%


62. Teemu Selanne, Ana RW

His stats have been going down year after year. But has a new centre with his best friend Koviu.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 29 assists


63. Patrick Marleau, SJ C

Lots of trade rumors around him, will see how he responds.

2009 Projection- 28 goals, 31 assists


64. Ales Hemsky, Edm RW

I can't  even find him on ESPN's rankings. Wont get you many goals but will get you assists.

2009 Projection- 24 goals, 41 assists


65. Daniel Alfredsson, Ott RW

We will see how he responds as captain to all the drama. But he may hurt you in other stats like +/-

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 45 assists


66. Martin St. Louis, TB RW

Has great chemistry with new linemate Stamkos.

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 50 assists


67. Carey Price, Mon G

Will he be the Carey of the first half last season, or the second half? He doesn't have much help in front of him either. He wont get that much playing time since they have Halak.

2009 Projection- 29 wins, 2.79 GAA, .912 SV%


68. Simon Gagne, Phi LW

Is a great player on a great team.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 32 assists


69. Brian Rafalski, Det D

Will get lots of points on the power play. Will put up the points.

2009 Projection- 13 goals, 34 assists


70. Shane Doan, Pho RW

No talent around him. 

2009 Projection- 31 goals, 30 assists


71. Jason Arnott, Nsh C

Is underrated, and puts up good numbers.

2009 Projection- 28 goals, 23 assists


72. Chris Mason, StL G

Finished strong last year, is a good goalie.

2009 Projection- 34 wins, 2.79 GAA, .916 SV%


73. David Backes, StL RW

Will get you PIM and goals.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 23 assists


74. Patrick Sharp, Chi LW

Does it all! Can score, get you PIM, anything and everything.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 23 assists


75. David Krejci, Bos C

Injured to start the year, but should still get lots of assists.

2009 Projection- 14 goals, 43 assists


76. Marian Hossa, Chi RW

Also injured, and will miss a lotof time. But on a good team, will have good linemates.

2009 Projection- 16 goals, 30 assists


77. Jason Spezza, Ott C

ESPN has him at 104, I think he can be a top 35 player, but it depends how he plays without or with Heatley. Also will hurt your +/-.

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 50 assists


78. Scott Niedermayer, Ana D

Will get you lots of assists from the point, but no Pronger, no Beauchemin. How will he respond?

2009 Projection- 13 goals, 35 assists


79. Mark Streit, NYI D

I don't expect him to have a year like last, but he might.

2009 Projection- 10 goals, 40 assists


80. Martin Havlat, Min RW

New team, but I think he can adjust nicely.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 20 assists


81. Paul Stastny, Col C 

Got injured early, but was playing great.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 28 assists


82. Ray Emery, Phi G

How will he be back in the NHL

2009 Projection- 34 wins, 2.85 GAA, .913 SV%


83. Victor Hedman, TB D

The Swedish Pronger will have a great career, and I think will take rookie of the year.

2009 Projection- 15 goals, 30 assists


84. Bryan Little, Atl C

Had a great year last season.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 20 assists


85. Phil Kessel, Bos RW

What will happen to Kessel?

2009 Projection- 20 goals, 22 assists


86. Loui Eriksson, Dal LW

Had a great season last season. Wont be as good, but have a solid year.

2009 Projection- 30 goals, 19 assists


87. Mats Sundin, Van C

I think he will be back and play a full season and have a great season, but who knows? Buyer Beware!

2009 Projection- 24 goals, 24 assists


88. Tomas Vokoun, Fla G

I don't like Vokoun, but ESPN does having him ranked at 23.

2009 Projection- 30 wins, 2.85 GAA, .916 SV%


89. Mike Knuble, Was RW

Not a Knuble fan, but he may be on a line with Ovechkin this season.

2009 Projection- 27 goals, 24 assists


90. Milan Lucic, Bos LW

Will get close to 20 goals and get you a lot of PIM.

2009 Projection- 20 goals, 25 assists


91. Patrik Elias, NJ LW

Is getting old, but still netted 31 goals last season.

2009 Projection- 25 goals, 30 assists


92. Nikolai Khabibulin, Edm G

Is a starting goalie this season, should have a pretty good season, but I have a feeling he wont get as many starts as some think.

2009 Projection- 30 wins, 2.55 GAA, .916 SV%


93. Derick Brassard, Cls C

Had a great year prior to his injury, but when you centre Nash, you will get points.

2009 Projection- 20 goals, 40 assists


94. Devin Setoguchi, SJ RW

Had a great season last season. But can he keep it up?

2009 Projection- 27 goals, 38 assists


95. Tomas Holmstrom, Det RW

His stats have been going down, and is no longer the player he once was. He was also terrible in the playoffs, but he might be able to turn it around.

2009 Projection- 21 goals, 22 assists


96. Travis Zajac, NJ C

Hasn't resigned yet. But if he does he is good.

2009 Projection- 21 goals, 40 assists


97. Chris Kunitz, Pit LW

On a line with Crosby, and they clicked last season.

2009 Projection- 28 goals, 35 assists


98. Alexei Kovalev, Ott RW

Is one of the best, when he shows up.

2009 Projection- 21 goals, 35 assists


99. Mikael Samuelsson, Van RW

Will get more ice time in Vancouver and will be on a good line with Kesler and Demitra.

2009 Projection- 26 goals, 22 assists


100. Brent Seabrook, Chi D

Wont get too many assists, but will have a good year trying to crack Team Canada. He also has a GREAT +/-

2009 Projection- 11 goals, 38 assists


That is my top 100, comment please.


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