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   I came up with the idea for this blog over the weekend, and hopefully I will be able to make it a weekly (or at least bi-weekly) blog. Let's start with the 5 Most Surprising Teams from the first week of the college football season. (Note: these teams are in no particular order)

                                                          Most Surprising

Navy -
I can guarantee you that nobody saw this coming. Navy, a 22 point underdog, was within a 2 point conversion of tying then-#6 Ohio State at the Horseshoe with 2:23 left in the game. Unfortunately, the 2 point conversion was intercepted, and any chance of a Navy upset was eliminated. It seems like almost no one around can stop this kind of option offense, and it's working well at both Navy and Georgia Tech. Many thought that Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo could not fill the shoes of Paul Johnson, the current GT head coach who went 45-29 in 6 seasons at Navy. However, the 2008 season and the start of the 2009 seems to have proven the skeptics wrong, and it is beginning to appear that Navy can compete with the top tier teams on a regular basis.

BYU - How could you not put the Cougars on this list? Let's summarize the game just in case someone missed it: BYU travels to Arlington to play #3 Oklahoma in the new Cowboys Stadium, Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford gets hurt at the end of the first half, and BYU decided to sneak away with a 14-13 upset victory. Sure, if Bradford were healthy, the outcome would have been different, but for some reason you would think that a team that was #3 in the preseason polls would somehow find a way to overcome it. I originally thought that BYU would suffer a slight dropoff this year, but after Saturday's win, I think they could potentially be BCS busters.

Notre Dame - Very rarely will you hear me commend Notre Dame, but this will be one of those times. Sure, they beat a mere WAC team in Nevada, but this WAC team has a lot of talent of offense. However, their pass defense is literally the worst in FBS. Still, the Fighting Irish didn't make any mistakes, did not turn the ball over, and it resulted in a 35-0 thrashing. Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz predicted that Notre Dame should go to the National Championship, and I believe that if they can sneak out of Ann Arbor next week with a win and can somehow find a way to upset USC they should be able to do so.

Syracuse - Going into the Syracuse-Minnesota game, I believed that the Orange would strugggle, just like the entire 2008 season, and that Minnesota would roll. This wasn't the case, as new QB Greg Paulus threw for 167 yards and one TD on 19 completions out of 31 attempts. This was enough to led the team into overtime. However, the Orange's drive ended when Paulus threw an INT (his only INT of the game) on Syracuse's only drive in OT. The result was Minnesota 23, Syracuse 20. Even though they have started the season off with a heartbreaking loss, I think that things are looking up for the Syracuse Orange.

Missouri - In the offseason, the Missouri Tigers lost QBs Chase Daniel and Chase Patton, plus WR Jeremy Maclin. Many (myself included) believed that this year would be a rebuilding season in Columbia. However, the Tigers took control against their Arch rivals, the Illinois Fighting Illini, early and never looked back. In a Big 12 North division that is less than stellar, don't be very shocked if they pull a few upsets and make their way to the Big 12 Championship game once again.

                                                  Most Disappointing   

Rutgers - Some college football magazines predicted Rutgers to run the Big East and possibly be darkhorse National Title contenders. However, the Scarlet Knights did not like look like any type of horse; in fact, they made the writers who came up with the predictions mentioned above look like jackasses. The Scarlet Knights could not stop Cincinnati's offense. After a 15-47 thrashing, the QB battle has still not been settled. While Senior QB Domenic Natale struggled (8 for 12 with 3 INT's), Freshman QB Tom Savage looked impressive, going 15 for 23 with one TD. Although things look tough right now, I think that the Scarlet Knights will be competitive as soon as their QB situation is settled.

Georgia - Wow, where do I begin on this one? Georgia looked strong on their first drive, going 75 yards in 5:13 and capping it off with a 4 yard TD pass to Michael Moore. Then that was it for the Bulldogs' offense. To summarize the rest of Georgia's offensive drives for the rest of the game, QB Joe Cox fumbled, RB Richard Samuels fell down all by himself, wide open WR's dropped catchable passes, or punter Drew Butler was sent out to the field after 3 plays. It was believed that Georgia could be a surprise contender due to their offensive line finally being healthy, but that has already went out the window, as offensive tackle Trinton Sturdivant is out for the season for the second consecutive season with a knee injury. Hopefully Joe Cox's play in the Oklahoma State game was affected by the flu he had during the week; otherwise, it could be a long year for Dawg fans like me.

Iowa - Iowa needed 2 (count 'em, 2!) blocked field goals in the closing seconds to escape with a victory Saturday. "Well, that's no big deal, right?" WRONG. This wasn't a FBS team that they almost got beat by, this was Northern Iowa of the Missouri Valley Conference. If you come within 2 points of losing to a team like Northern Iowa, there's no way you can beat the likes of Ohio State or Penn State. This could possibly be the beginning of the end for Kirk Ferentz's tenure at Iowa.

Oklahoma - Like I mentioned in the BYU section, I understand that QB Sam Bradford's injury had a lot to do with the Sooners getting upset on Saturday. Still, a team that many felt had the capability to make another run at the National Championship should have at least a couple of players who should have been able to step up. Instead, Oklahoma faltered, and it lead their current losing streak to 2. Although this loss hurts Oklahoma's National Title chances, at least they are still very much alive in Big 12 play.

Illinois - I think that the Fighting Illini's situation is a lot like Rutgers in several ways. Like Rutgers, I believed that Illinois could shock people and would be one or two upsets away from an undefeated season. However, I knew it would all depend on the play of Senior QB Juice Williams. Well, so much for that. Williams was 18 for 28 for 179 yards with an interception in the 9-37 loss to Missouri. You may think that's not too bad, but consider this: Last year, Williams passed for 451 yards and five touchdowns and set an Edward Jones Dome record with 461 yards of total offense. The plans seem to have quickly changed for Illinois, and I wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing about once again.

So, what did you think? Should this be a weekly blog, or should I just do different stuff each week? Any teams that I left off that I shouldn't have? Any teams you think I included that should not have been? Leave a comment expressing your thoughts.


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