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Dear Tommie,
Back in 2005, when the Bears defense was really rolling, I remember going to Soldier Field and watching the defensive huddle during commercial breaks.  The stadium PA would be cranking some high volume hip hop, and the defensive players would be all bunched up together, swaying rhythmically back and forth, awaiting the offense at the line of scrimmage.
Man, you guys were having fun out there.  And Tommie, you were the ringleader.
Over the last couple years, there's been injuries, negative press, and disappointment.  Now when I go to games, you guys are all business.  You look like you are going to work, just like the rest of us go to work.
During that time, I kept saying to myself, "As soon as I see Tommie dance, I'll know that they're back."
Tommie, I want you to know that I understand your frustration.  Over the last two seasons, I think that you have been an absolute warrior.  I hear fans and media go on and on about how you can't stay on the field.  Yet you've missed two games the last two seasons!  You've been injured that entire time, playing on one leg, but you were always out there on Sunday.
More than anything, I want you to know that some of your fans have been watching, and we've noticed the effort that you've given this team.  And we appreciate it.
I can tell you're pissed off.  Have you always said or done the right thing?  Probably not, and you've gotten killed for it.  But I also understand that sometimes it is hard to do or say the right thing when you're a young man, and it is so clear that you are being treated unfairly.  The media has been on you.  The stuff I see "fans" writing about you is deplorable.  All of this negativity about a guy who does nothing but show up for work every week and do his job to the best of his ability.
I don't know, maybe they are all just frustrated, too.
As you know, none of that matters.  All that matters is what happens out there on the football field, starting this Sunday at Lambeau.   It might be too much to ask to see the 2005 Tommie Harris starting Week 1.  But at some point this season, when you start to get your legs under you, try to start having some fun.  Sure, you can be all business and get your job done.  But to be truly great at it, to become an immortal, you need to love it.  Enthusiasm breeds greatness.
It is time to start dancing again.
I hope I get to see it someday soon.  Have a great year, Tommie.
Best regards,
A LOYAL Chicago Bears fan
August 21, 2010  11:59 PM ET

Yeah, the Bears fans are being hard on Tommy (and Urlacher too).

It would be good to see them get their mojo back.


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