Here is my revised predictions for this upcoming NFL Season. (Just standings and playoffs, no records)

End Of Year Standings:

AFC East: 1-Patriots, 2-Jets, 3-Dolphins, 4-Bills

Nobody comes close to a Patriots team with a semi-healthy Brady here: I like what the Jets are doing with Ryan but I think they are still a few years from contending: The Phins schedule is just too tough for them and the wildcat isn't going to b as huge: The offense should be fun to watch but the defense needs to get better before they move up in this division.

AFC North: 1-Steelers, 2-Ravens, 3-Bengals, 4-Browns

The Steelers schedule is easy enough for them to have no problem winning this division: The Ravens will get another 10 wins i think but won't take the division: The Bengals should be much improved compared to last year with Palmer back: And the Browns are in trouble again this year again.

AFC South: 1-Colts, 2-Texans, 3-Jaguars, 4-Titans

Colts are still the team to beat without Dungy in this division, they still have Manning and they should have an improved running game with Donald Brown: The Texans have the talent to finish 2nd, and perhaps a playoff spot, and if and only if the Colts get a few key injuries the Texans will take this division like SI predicted but not without some injuries for the Colts: Then in a close 3rd the Titans. The D will be hurt by the absence of Haynesworth because he made everyone around him better and the amazing run game won't take em very far with their lack of passing game again.

AFC West: 1-Chargers, 2-Chiefs, 3-Raiders, 4-Broncos

The Chargers have Merriman back healthy, but now in legal trouble, and they were able to take the division last year without him so if he comes back they have this this division in he bag, and if not its theirs to lose: The Chiefs are finally starting to move in the right direction, but I don't think Cassell will be as affective as he was in NE. I honestly believe its the team and the system that made him excell the way he did (And I know I'll probably get ripped on that but thats my opinion): The D Looks promising in Oakland and McFadden does too, if JaMarcus can be effective I can easily see them moveing into 2nd despite popular belief: And The Broncos...I honestly think they had the WORST offseason in the league. 1st they fired Shanahan and so they had to deal will the whole change b/w coaches, 2nd that new coach basically turned his franchise QB against him by looking into a trade for Matt Cassell, 3rd The Star WR wants out, 4th They traded there franchise QB to the Bears, 5th The disgruntled WR still wants out. And in there that they did not make much change to thatnhorrid D, thats the makeup for a loooooooooooong season. The only bonuses of the offseason were the gained draft picks, and the signing of Brian Dawkins, but that 2nd bonus is a biggie so who knows.

NFC East: 1-Eagles, 2-Cowboys, 3-Giants, 4-Redskins

Call me a homer but the Eagles r in my opinion the team to beat in the NFC. They have more than enough weapons with DeSean Jackson, Westbrook, McNabb, the promising Brent Celek, Kevin Curtis, and the ever promising rookies Maclin and "Shady" McCoy, not to mention Mike Vick after a few weeks. The D will take a hit without Johnson, Dawkins and Bradley but they still r very solid: Releasing Owens was a good move for this football team, and I sadly believe Williams will fill in very nicely 4 Owens and by the end of the year Miles Austin become a key part of the offense. And their D is still good like it usually is: I know the Giants are supposed to have this division all but won like SI says but I dont see it. They lost Eli's best target, and last year without him they were 2-3 in the regular season, and were one and done in the playoffs. Sure they drafted WRs but they don't usually produce well in their 1st year. And for their new supposed #1 WR, Smith, I watched some of the Giants preseason game against the Jets and he looked terrible...I know I know its only preseason but he was playing agianst the starters when I was watching and he couldn't catch anything. Not to mention the most Overpaid QB in the league is their QB, and will be mediocre at best wit these WRs. Their D and Jacobs can only take em so far: OK first off i hav to say, even as an Eagles fan, I like what the Skins did in the offseason. Haynesworth will make evryone else on the D better, scary thought considering they were in the top 5 I believe last year. It all depends on the offense where this team will end up, I could see them up in 2nd...and I can see them in 4th. But either way itll be close with the Gmen and 'Boys.

NFC North: 1-Vikings, 2-Packers, 3-Bears, 4-Lions

I'll tell you right now, I don't like Favre. I hate his retiring-unretiring, its tiring and just flat out annoying. Then on top of that he came back with the VIKINGS...tell me that isn't a slap to the face of all Packer fans and personel. With that outta the way I think the Vikings will win this division with a couple games to spare. I love this D and who doesn't like AP? (Other than the Packers, Bears, Lions, and their fans, but even they have to respect him) It's all up to Favre's arm to decide how far they do go: I like the Packers. They have an up and coming Qb in Rodgers, a good run game with Grant, but their D just isn't good enough yet to take the North. Give them a few years: I love where the Bears are going. They finally have a franchise Qb in Cutler, a very talented RB in Forte, a good TE, and promising WR prospects, there D just doesn't seem to be able to get them ahead of the Vikings and Packers: Then the Lions...are...the Lions. The good thing is that they can only get better.

NFC South: 1-Falcons, 2-Panthers, 3-Saints, 4-Bucs

The Falcons are going to be a top team in the NFC for some time now, Ryan will have another good year and he still Has Roddy White to throw to, but now he also has Gonzalez. Turner is going to be a force to be reckoned with for sometime now too. So the offense will score points, its up to the D to keep the other team from scoring: The Panthers have two things going for them Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart...look for them to contribute to one of the top rushing attacks in the league. The D wont b great, but shouldn't be terrible. Then It really all depends on Delhomme, will he play like old Delhomme where mistakes were few or like the game against the Cardinals in the playoffs last season: The Saints offense is undeniably able to score on just about every snap with one of the best QBs in the league, and apparently a RB to finally carry a load with Thomas. It's up to the D if they make the playoffs: The Bucs have no clear cut starter at QB, a new coach, and losses of multiple starters...give them a few years before they move to the top again in this division.

NFC West: 1-Cardinals, 2-Seahawks, 3-49ers, 4-Rams

It's the reigning NFC Champs division to lose...the Cardinals still have a very explosive offense and the D is good enough to win this weak division: The Seahawks should have a much better year than last, with key players back from injuries, and new acquisitions, this team could easily win this division if AZ gives them a shot at it: The 49ers have Frank Gore...not much else is going for this offense, but the D looks good behind Willis: The Rams were injury plagued last year but the D aint great and Bulger is overhyped, have been saying that since he became starter and still m even though there isn't much hype aroung him at all.

AFC Playoff Standings: 1-Steelers, 2-Patriots, 3-Chargers, 4-Colts, 5-Ravens, 6-Texans

NFC Playoff Standings: 1-Eagles, 2-Falcons, 3-Vikings, 4-Cardinals, 5-Packers, 6-Seahawks


Wildcard Weekend:


6 Texans @ 3 Chargers: 24-27 Very close but the Chargers squeak by

5 Ravens @ 4 Colts: 20-16 The Ravens D will give the Colts' coaching staff something to chew on in the offseason.


6 Seahawks @ 3 Vikings: 10-27 AP all day.

5 Packers @ 4 Cardinals: 38-34 Close one, a field day for Rodgers and Warner but I like the Packers.

Divisional Playoffs:


5 Ravens @ 1 Steelers: 13-17 It will be close and relatively low scoring, but I like the Steelers' D over the Ravens D, without DC Rex Ryan.

3 Chargers @ 2 Patriots: 27-24 Upsets are bound to happen, and I figure this January Rivalry is where it just might happen.


5 Packers @ 1 Eagles: 17-31 The Eagles D will hav Rodgers on his back all game, and Grant doesn't stand a chance.

3 Vikings @ 2 Falcons: 24-28 The Falcons will barely pull off a win here, I see Favre ruining it wit his worn out arm.

AFC/NFC Championship:


3 Chargers @ 1 Steelers: 24-21 The Chargers D will keep Big Ben and Fast Willie in check and the offense will do just enough...But the Chargers WILL NOT get to Superbowl without Merriman, its a different D without him there.


2 Falcons @ 1 Eagles: 16-24 Too many offensive weapons for the Falcons D...But the Falcons are here to stay and I expect them to frequently reach this game in the next few years as long as they have Ryan and Turner.


Eagles vs Chargers: Chargers...I don't feel like thinking of a score for this one but it would be close, and I think the Eagles also could win this if it wasn't for there track record in the last 2 minutes. If they show improvement in that category then I think they could easily win this matchup.

This is my opinion of this upcoming season, please feel free to comment. And I will try to use those to help me form my power Rankings I'm starting before Week 2, that I will then try and update weekly.

And before all you that disagree comment say "Do you know anything about the NFL??"...I do know things about the NFL, thats why I wrote this about the NFL.


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