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The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Tennessee Titans for the NFL season opener this thursday night 8:30pm EST (on NBC).   

The Steelers return to Heinz Field as the defending Super Bowl XLIII Champions with an unprecidented 6 Super Bowl trophies to their franchise accredability.  The Men of Steel virtually return this season unchanged on the offensive & defensive fronts.  They are bred out of blue-collar hard work & execute plays as if a band of brothers.   The only difference from last season is that they are more focused & determined to play old fashioned Steelers football, the way it was meant to be.

Steel Offense:  Lead by Ben Roethlisberger.  Has 2 Super Bowl titles to his name.  Is healthy & in great physical shape.  Also has the ability to create magic that defies the laws of physics. 

OL - Hartwig (Steelers Center) returns for his 2nd season.  Has recently signed a 4 year contract extension.  The rest of the OL is relatively unchanged from last year.  Another year older & another year of experience behind their belts.

RB's - Fast Willie Parker - returns this season as the starting RB & is in possibly the best physical shape of his career.  Rashard Mendenhall - 2nd year RB & previous first round draft pick.  Has looked strong in the preseason thus far.

WR's - Made of the trio of Hines Ward (ProBowler), Santonio Holmes (Super Bowl XLIII MVP) & 2nd year prodigy Limas Sweed.  Looking good.

TE's - Heath Miller - Is the complete package.  Has recently signed a contract extension.  Matt Spaeth - Is tall, has great hands & blocks like no other.

 Steel D -  Words unable to describe the might of the Steelers D.  Ranked 1st in virtually every category.  Has returned unchanged as well this season.  Lead by Smith, Polamolu & Harrison.  Possibly even tougher & stronger than witnessed last season.  Will bring the Funk against those Towel Stomping Titans...

Titans Offense - Lead by seasoned vet Kerry Collins (QB).  Collins is an accurate passer, handles the ball well & doesn't miss blitzes. 

Titans OL - Rock solid.  Play the same breed of smashmouth football.

RB's -  A one-two punch... - Lendale White - Is second to none.  "Terrible Towel Stomper".  Smooth talker.  Primarily a short yardage back.   Chris Johnson - known for rushing around the corner.  Both RB's typically run the same plays.

WR's - Justin Gage - Tough player.  Has created problems for the Steelers in the past.  Nate Washington - Ex Steeler.  Left to play for the Titans due to monetary rewards.  Playing status is a question, as has suffered hamstring problems in the preseason.

Titans D -  One of the best in the AFC (minus Hainsworth).  Bring a 4 man rush.  Tampa 2 coverage.  Have aggressive LB's.  Will try to contain Ben & stop the Steelers rush game.  Keep an eye on:  J. Jones & Griffin -  These hosses can play.....

Final Thoughts:  Despite the fact that the Titans are a formidable opponent for the Men of Steel, the Black n' Gold thrive on victory.  "Terrible Towel Stomping" considered Bush League by the Steelers. It only adds fuel to the Steelers quest for success.  Expect a physical & low scoring battle. 

STEEL V !!!!! 






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