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The Pitt Panther Strikes Again

Hello and welcome to NFL GameDay.  This will be a weekly feature in which Marcos Moreno, Dan Vachalek, and I, Brady Ford, make predictions about the coming week's games.

Our guest this week is Ethan Calof

Carolina at Atlanta

Ethan Calof: All the news out of Carolina is that John Fox is sticking with beleaguered quarterback Jake Delhomme. This spells gigantic trouble for the Panthers. Delhomme has quite simply lost it. Atlanta would be good enough to win this game in their own right; with Delhomme still flinging bombs to the other team, it practically becomes a cinch. Look for a big game from Michael Turner as Atlanta wins this divisional showdown.

Marcos Moreno: Jake Delhomme is a turnover machines in recent games that count. Despite AJ Feeley being brought on this week I don't think they can bounce back against a Falcons team that gains more and more confidence each victory. Adding a veteran leader such as Gonzalez (who had 5 catches for 73 yards and a TD) is going to make this team that much harder to beat.

Brady Ford: I've got Atlanta.  I have no faith whatsoever in Jake Delhomme.  While Atlanta is not on Philadelphia???s level defensively, Delhomme was inaccurate even when he wasn't pressured.  Delhomme has 11 turnovers in his last 7 quarters.  The teams are similar in talent level, but I can't pick any team led by Delhomme to win.

Dan Vachalek: Carolina has a horrible quarterback situation- so that's going to hurt them a lot. Atlanta's team is good. They have a good passing attack with Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez and Matt Ryan while having a solid running situation in Michael Turner. The Panthers only have a combo rushing attack- but not much of a quarterback as Jake Delhomme embarrassed himself against the Eagles last week. Atlanta wins.


Minnesota at Detroit

Ethan Calof: This has all the makings of a laugher. Detroit???s offence revolves around the running game??? too bad Minnesota has the best run defense in the league. Elite running back Adrian ???Purple Jesus??? Peterson is going against a Lions rushing defense that allowed 143 yards to Mike Bell last week. Say that again: Mike Bell. I expect Chester Taylor to start the second half at running back for the steamrolling Vikings.

Marcos Moreno: VIKES! Easiest game to predict of the season. The Lions horrid defense gave up 515 yards last week, 157 on the ground. I see AD getting his first 200+ yard game of the season in an easy win

Brady Ford: The Vikings should win easily.  Detroit is still in rebuilding mode, and just lack talent throughout their roster.  AD should have another big day.  Stafford should have a pretty good day though, as Minny's pass defense pales in comparison to their run defense.

Dan Vachalek: Minnesota wins. They have a great rushing game, and the defense will be able to stop the horrible thing the Lions call an offense.


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