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  I thought this was a joke when I got the message, but it is realistic once I read it.  However, I must say that I do not believe the Raiders only problem is the coach, as Oakland Raiders contributor RaiderNation12 stated.  Here you go:


The Oakland Raiders are coming off when of their most dreadful performances in franchise history, but in my opinion they can bounce back. With some key free agent pick-ups, and a much needed QB i think the Raiders have a good shot at getting at least #2 in their division. Unloading on Randy Moss was a bonus for Lane Kiffin who will not have to deal with him this season.

Key Additions

-JaMarcus Russell

-Dominic Rhodes

-Travis Taylor

-Mike Williams

-Donavan Darius

Key Losses

-Randy Moss

-Aaron Brooks

-Tyrone Poole



1st String:JaMarcus Russell

2nd String:Josh McCown

3rd String:Andrew Walter

Their Quarterback problem could be major. They are taking a risk in starting rookie out of LSU JaMarcus Russell without really letting him train, now preseason will prove if coach Laine Kiffin is the coach Al Davis thinks he is, if he doesn't play Russell which is what reportadly going to happen he might lose his job, he doesn't want to injure russell before the season starts, but there is only one problem, WHAT IF HE STINKS WHEN SEASON STARTS! What if he turns out to be a big bust? Then you will regret for the rest of your life that you didn't train him before season starts.

Running Backs

1st String:LaMont Jordan

2nd String:Dominic Rhodes

3rd String:Justin Fargas

There running back situation I think is really good. Dominic Rhodes ran with the returning champion Indianapolis Colts, if he gets injured or doesn't do well you have the starting RB from last year LaMont Jordan. Then you have the player who replaced jordan Justin Fargas, in my mind you have a pretty good core there.

Wide Recivers

1st String:Jerry Porter

2nd String:Doug Gabriel

3rd String:Alvis Whitted

Lookin decent. Jerry Porter who has been the leader of the Raiders recieving corps should relly improve this year with a good QB.Doug Gabriel, a young promising WR, should strive under JaMarcus Russell as wil porter. Alan Whitted has been with the raiders a while now and is a sound player who can improve the corps. I think the Raiders will do fine with recieving.

Ofensive Line 

Starting C:Jake Groove

Starting G:Paul McQuistan

Starting G:Barry Sims

Starting T:Cornell Green

Starting T:Robert Gallery

The offensive line in my opinion is very week. You have to good lineman there and they are the left guard(barry sims) and the right tackle(robert gallery). The oppisite guard and tackles Cornell Green and Paul McQuistan are ok players McQuistan is a little worse than avrage. Jake Groove is a first year starter who i believe will fail under coach Laine Kiffin. The line needs to improve or you could see the downfall of the oakland franchise.

Defensive Line

Starting DT:Warren Sapp

Starting DT:Terdell Sands

Starting DE:Derrick Burgess

Starting DE:Tyler Brayton

The defensive line is looking pretty good. With returning stars Derrick Burgess and Warren Sapp to lead the defensive line they look pretty promising. You have two young studs in Terdell Sands and Tyler Brayton, but with vetran help from 2 all-stars Derrick Burgess and Warren Sapp the line should be ok.


Starting MLB:Kirk Morrison

Starting OLB:Thomas Howard

Starting OLB:Sam Williams

The linebackers will have to complement the DL in order for this 4-3 defense to work correctly, which might be a problem. Kirk Morrison will have to step into the leader role at linebacker and really push the two young linebackers (Thomas Howard and Sam Williams) to do there jobs, this is a risk to put in two young guys at linebacker, but who am I.

Defensive Backs

Starting FS:Michael Huff

Starting SS:Donovin Darius

Starting CB:Nnamdi Asomugha

Starting CB:Fabian Washington

Well the defensive backs are not looking up to perfect. The only guy who i see on that list that deserves to start is Nnamdi Asomugha. The others are really going to have to prove that they are true NFL starters.

Predictions for Division

1st Place:San Diego Chargers

2nd Place:Denver Broncoes

3rd Place:Oakland Raiders

4th Place:Kansas City Cheifs

Bottom Line

The Raiders are going to need time to build on Russell and maybe work in Bush. The Raiders will become the team they once were in a few more years, once they find the right coach they will be fine.


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