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While watching the NFL Network's coverage of the Michael Vick Dogfighting Dilemma, it occured to me as I grew increasingly more angry with each detail about Mr. Vick's treatment of his dogs; that this is going to effect people's views about Pitbull owners and breeders. I care for two Pitbulls.  I say care for because animals, in my opinion and experience, have a conscience and are capable of knowing right from wrong.  Sure they aren't as intelligent as most people, although this could be argued sucessfully by some, but most have an elementary sense of what their place is in their world.  Pitbulls are a hunting breed by God's and to some extent human's design.  Yes, they have the capacity to kill other animals and even humans.  But just like when a person does this type of morally wrong action, we must look into the reasons why dogs like Pitbulls or other "aggressive breeds" are prone to this type of meaningless aggression.  The answer, just like in some cases of human killers, the animals are either pre-dispositioned to the behavior or are alienated or abused in such a way they either never develop the proper conscience regarding attacking or can't help but use it as a means to defend themselves.  Rarely in today's world does a dog attack for the kill factor, or their gameness, although some retarded backwoods type breed them for this trait.  In other words, they don't kill out of necessity as they may have been required to in the past.  I find that most responsible and caring dog owners treat their dogs as children.  I take this approach because I know they understand my expressions and tones and it effects them whether I intented or not.  Treating your dogs like people gives them a sense of pride and also the desire to continue gaining the rewards that come with being a good dog.  If you leave your dogs tied up in the backyard all summer long and only see him or her for feeding and the occasional petting and grooming, the dog, like a human child, will grow to become aggressive and weary of human contact.  Think about it...If I tied you to a tree and left you outside in the rain and other nasty weather, and only saw you to feed you; wouldn't you want to make sure you're not in this position again if you manage to get out of it.  My boys, Krypto and Samson, are large Blue-nosed Pitbulls.  They are not mean looking and are, generally speaking, pretty whimpy by Pitbull standards.  These two could win a contest for smartest and most loving dogs.  They know where in the yard they can and cannot go.  They always obey the commands of all humans, not just me.  They absolutely adore children, and obey children's commands, I might add.  They do not bark at the doorbell or knocking.  They do not jump on visitors.  They do not whine or beg for anything.  The only time they get aggressive toward any other animal or human is when...1) Another dog is in the yard, and they haven't sniffed it yet.  Or 2) Something is obviously troubling either myself or those "my boys" recognize as "their humans". So in essence, they do as they should.  Well I can assume some people will read this and say...What's your point?  My point is simply, it's almost never a dogs fault for attacking or becoming overly aggressive.  They, like children, are products of the company they keep and the environment they are brought up in.  If you are as good to your dog, as it is surely good to you, I can guarantee your dog will become the most praised member of the house, hands down.  So please, don't judge a dog by its breed's reputation(good or bad).   Instead, judge it based on the owner and his or her attitude and love for the dog and it's general treatment.


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