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Southern Discomfort

So I thought Jake Delhomme couldn't have played any worse than the past Sunday and I was optimistic that the Panthers would defeat the Falcons... I was somewhat right. Jake only threw one INT and was pretty impressive the 2nd Half of football even though he couldn't lead the Panthers into many scoring oppurtunities. Also DeAngelo Williams fumbled the ball today... Just to give you a clue of how often that happens among the 1,500 Yards and 18 TDs he scored last year not one carry resulted in a fumble nor one reception nor any other play.

Take a look down below. An asterik (* - just in case you don't know what that means) indicates a score that I wrongly predicted (meaning I predicted the other team to win. I went 6-8 on my predictions... WTF? I couldn't have had a worse week but hopefully the Colts and the NYG win.

Scores from around the league:

  • Tennesee vs. Houston (Texans win 34-31)*
  • Washington vs. St. Louis (Redskins win 9-7)
  • Detroit vs. Minnesota (Vikings win 27-13)
  • NYJ vs. New England (Jets win 16-9)*
  • Philadelphia vs. New Orleans (Saints win 48-22)*
  • Jacksonville vs. Arizona (Cardinals win 31-17)*
  • Kansas City vs. Oakland (Raiders win 13-10)
  • Green Bay vs. Cincinatti (Bengals win 31-24)*
  • Atlanta vs. Carolina (Falcons win 28-20)*
  • Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay (Bills win 33-20)
  • San Fransisco vs. Seattle (49ers win 23-10)*
  • San Deigo vs. Baltimore (Ravens win 31-26)
  • Chicago vs. Pittsburgh (Bears win 17-14)*
  • Denver vs. Cleveland (Broncos win 27-6)
  • Dallas vs. NYG (Giants 33-31)
  • Miami vs. Indianapolis (Colts 27-23)

Top Performances:

  • QB: Matt Schaub 357 Yards on 18 completions with 4 TDs
  • RB: Chris Johnson 197 Yards with 2 TDs
  • WR: Andre Johnson 149 Yards with 2 TDs
  • Defensive Player: (TBA)

Frank Gore had a great day with over 200 Yards on the ground and 2 TDs to match those of Chris Johnsons' but his near 40 Yards on the receiving end weren't enough to top Johnson's 10 receptions with 149 yards and 1 TD. Kurt Warner would have been selected for the Top QB position had he stayed in the game for longer.

NFL Week Rating: 5.0. Another great week with great storylines including the Jets-Pats game with Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan leading the charge. Amazing performances by Frank Gore - Chris Johnson - Marques Colston - Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub... Monday Night Football should be a good one. Some great plays too including quite a few from Gore - Colston - Johnson and the other Johnson a nice 81 Yard TD Catch and Run by Darren Sproles. But we're going with a one handed TD from Schaub to Johnson as our play of the week... 

Play of the week:

Predictions (Week 2):

  • Detroit vs. Washington (Redskins win)
  • St. Louis vs. Green Bay (Packers win)
  • Minnesota vs. San Francisco (Vikings win)
  • New England vs. Atlanta (Patriots win)
  • NYJ vs. Tennessee (Jets win)
  • Philadelphia vs. Kansas City (Eagles win)
  • Tampa Bay vs. NYG (Giants win)
  • Baltimore vs. Cleveland (Ravens win)
  • Houston vs. Jacksonville (Texans win)
  • Buffalo vs. New Orleans (Saints win)
  • Seattle vs. Chicago (Bears win)
  • San Deigo vs. Miami (Chargers win)
  • Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh (Steelers win)
  • Oakland vs. Denver (Broncos win)
  • Arizona vs. Indianapolis (Colts win)
  • Dallas vs. Carolina (Panthers win)


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