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Ok so I don't always understand the whole contract/money side of the NBA and therefore I'm kinda confused about a lot of the moves the Suns have made lately.  Moves include:

1.  trading forward James Jones and the draft rights to Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez, the 24th overall pick in the draft, to Portland for $3 million.

Thoughts on this move:

Phoenix keeps trading away young players and lots of draft picks (Loual Deng*!!!!!), so they keep getting older and that will bite  them SOON.  I think I've heard good things about Fernandez, so again another talented player for nothing.  I'm not a huge James Jones fan because he supposedly had all this talent and was so complimentary but never produced when it mattered.  I don't know how many times i heard an announcer say "Jones has been in a bit of a shooting slump lately" and I'm thinking when is he not.  BUT what's the point of all these moves?  3 million dollars? 

2. Signing Grant Hill.

 Thoughts on this move:

Um I like it, it's fine, but i'm not jumping up and down.  I'm quite cautious.  If he stays healthy some pple thought he might be enough to finally get the Suns over the Spurs hump, which I thought was a little presumptious. I haven't seen him play since Detroit and all I ever hear is how injured he is and how it affects his game, how he's declined.  I guess if he hasn't actually declined that much when not injured, then maybe it is a great move.  But basically he's a complimentary role player now right?  Well does it really make us any better if we get rid of 2 complimentary role players and add one? Kurt Thomas (next move) was very important on defense and was probably the only shooter who I felt would make it everytime he shot a jumper.  James Jones? I never saw him play well, but he had decent stats, so he had to have played ok most of the time.

3.  "The stockpiling Seattle SuperSonics acquired veteran forward Kurt Thomas and the Phoenix Suns' first-round draft choices in 2008 and 2010 on Friday in exchange for a conditional second-round draft choice in 2009. Seattle also used its $8 million trade exception with Phoenix to complete the deal."

 Thoughts on this move:

Even if Thomas did throw a kink in the Suns running game, they just gave up a very dependable shooter and their only good low post defender.  They also gave up 2 more chances to get younger and find an heir to Nash, when they need it more than ever.  In return they get 8 mill and a SECOND round CONDITIONAL pick?!?!?  wtf?   Again, I understand sacrifices, but it seems that they again got NOTHING in return.

Basically it seems like the Suns gave up a couple of important role players and a butt load of picks for...11 million dollars?  This is where I need help with the money side.  They were going to be 10 mill over the luxury tax limit and now they won't be, but is it really that big of a deal to be over?  I mean are there penalties or what? I don't understand.  Seems like being in a little bit of debt in order to win a championship is a fair trade to me.

It seems to me that the Suns haven't addressed any of their needs over the last couple of seasons:

1. Find an heir or at least a backup to Nash:  They keep trading away all draft picks, and as sensational as Barbosa is, he's not a PG.  He can score, but the Suns don't play Suns bball whenever he's in.  

2. Improve their interior defense - they have improved their overall d, but Timmy and the Tools (aka the Spurs), showed how vulnerable they are down low.  Amare has not gotten better, they haven't really acquired anyone who's great at defending down low, and they just traded away Thomas who was their best.

3. Ease the Tensions between ego maniacs Marion and Amare - I don't know who's fault it really is, but it's apparent that these guys are butting heads.  They could've solved problem #2 by trading one of them for Garnett, but didn't push hard enough I guess.  As much as I love Marion and think his overall brilliance goes unnoticed, I think trading him to Boston or wherever for Garnett would've brought them the 'ship.  Marion doesn't play as hard as he can all the time (hinted by Nash), is older than Amare, and seems have a little bit more of the ego problem than does Amare.  Garnett doesn't have an ego and would've been fine with playing 2nd or 3rd banana as far as scoring goes in order to play for a winner again.  He's a great defender and would've neutralized Timmy and maybe taught Amare a thing or 2 for the future.

So what are they doing?  They say Kerr is a great basketball mind but I haven't really loved any moves they've made, and actually disliked most of them.  Explain the financial stuff to me if you know and give me your overall thoughts.



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