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  Let me start by saying that I, group founder topdawgizalaw, will be sending the link to this blog to all of my fan groups.  There are two reasons for this.  One, I have discovered that this is a great advertising method.  But the final reason for this is that people really need to read this and discover how gruesome Mike Vick's activities were.  I had a blog on this earlier, for this is the link,  Here is my second posting on the incident, as follows  below.

  For those of you guys who are not aware, a.k.a. the Amish, that Mike Vick was indicted on three felony charges this past week, let me fill you in on what he is accused of.  Mike Vick has joined the Atlanta crime brigade, joining Chris Benoit, with three felony accusations that are as follows:  Well, never mind, I cannot find the exact accusations, but they are basically using a house as a dogfighting ring, carrying dogs over state lines to participate in a dogfighting ring, and something else.  I know what some of you guys are thinking:  He is innocent until proven guilty.  But for those of you who think this "man" is innocent, that is like, according to's Don Banks, "People who think Michael Vick is "innocent'' of any involvement with dogfighting believe that Vick could have visited the Smithfield, Va., house he owned at any time over the past six-plus years and never noticed anything slightly suspicious about the activities going on there.

They believe Vick could have overlooked the dog-breeding "rape stand'' that federal authorities discovered on the property, or the blood stains that dotted the walls of those five black-painted buildings in the backyard? They contend that Vick was oblivious to what his friends and cousin were doing with those car axles buried in the ground, and those treadmills and syringes, and that piece of bloodstained carpet?

In other words, they believe that because they want to. They also probably thought Pete Rose never bet on baseball, Barry Bonds just underwent a freak late-career growth spurt, and O.J. Simpson was definitely framed." 

My apologies for the grammar there.  I did not introduce the quote that well in terms of fluidity, oh what the heck does it even matter.

I believe, personally, and not just because I am a fan of the Carolina Panthers, that the NFL should suspend Vick for two years, and, if he is found guilty of ANY of the charges brought against him, ban the former Virginia Tech star for life.  I know what some are thinking now:  Vick needs his due process.  Pacman Jones did not get his due process, and neither did Tank Johnson, and Vick's allegations are way more disturbing than all of the two athletes I named put together.  Plus, Vick has a record.  Remember when he went south of the border and allegedly gave some chick an STD, under the alias Ron Mexico.  Remember when he took marijuana to that airport in the disguise of a water bottle- Snoop Dogg, please do not try this at home-?  And yes, that was marijuana, and anybody else who would have tried that stunt would have been hauled to jail.  Plus, it is not a crime, but do you remember when Vick flicked two dirty birds to his home fans?

This case is about, more importantly, all the dogs that were killed during or after dog fights, and the ones that were recovered and had to be euthenized, due to the fact that when in close contact with other animals, could not help but start fighting.  This is not a pretty incident, and Vick needs to be gone a MINIMUM of two years from the NFL.  I am sick of athletes, remember O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant, anyone?, getting away with crimes they committed and were either found innocent on or settled outside court.  And, by the way, this blog is not about Bryant, I just inserted his name there because, in my opinion, he r a p e d that woman, despite what all the naysayers believe about how his wealth can get him any woman.  If he is found NOT GUILTY, which is a big IF by the way, then he can come back in two years time. 

Finally, Roger Goodell, I believe, wants to suspend Vick right now.  Obviously, he would not be able to get away with that.  Why?  Well, Vick is a big name QUARTERBACK, the most-liked position in football, and the players union would not take stuff like that.  But somebody needs to step up and make Vick step down.  His actions are dumb, and unacceptable.


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