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From Gabriele Marcotti's article:

"It's a fairly fuzzy idea, but the basic notion is that clubs who wish to compete in UEFA competitions -- such as the Champions' League and the Europa League -- will have to meet a set of requirements aimed at ensuring that "they live within their means."

Generally speaking, that means expenditures on transfer fees and wages will be linked to revenues. The more you make, the more you can spend. And for those clubs who currently carry debt, they will have to work to reduce it over time. The "penalty" for not meeting the new requirements -- which, once they are laid out, should be introduced from 2012 -- will be exclusion from UEFA tournaments."

UEFA, and Platini, need to butt out.  Fair enough, brothers and sisters, as a Real Madrid fan I can be completely transparent on this issue because, in fact, this issue is aimed at Real Madrid CF.

If Florentino Perez can get a loan from Santander and Bilbao Vizcaya (banks) in order to build the team we wants that is his right as a businessman.  If he wishes, with the consent of his directorship, to run that risk then more power to him.

UEFA has no business dictating fiscal policy, restraint or otherwise, to any club.  Yes, it seems unfair for Real Madrid to be able to buy so many marquee players but let's also look at it from another perspective.

Real Madrid paid top-Euro for Ronaldo.  They paid the fair-market price as agreed to by both Real Madrid and Manchester United.  Yes, that was money loaned to Madrid but tha tmoney goes directly (ideally) into the Manchester United coffers so that they (hopefully) can help build their club.

How well-off would AC Milan be, right now, had they not been able to charge a hefty sum for Kaka' when Real Madrid came knocking?  That team is a historic club and they were (or are) on the verge of bankruptcy.

A lot of criticism came up, some from myself, about how Real Madrid sold Robben, Negredo, and Sneijder cheap.  However, those three players would not have gotten minutes in a World Cup year had Madrid not taken those financial losses.  In Sneijder's particular case we sold him for 50% of what we paid for him.

Just this past week Platini was, again, praising Barcelona's fiscal responsibility and condemning Real Madrid.  Yeah, but no one at UEFA headquarters has nothing to say about the Ibra deal or how Barcelona spends their money spying on their own vice-presidents (http://www.as.com/ and http://www.marca.com/ are both running the story, Barcelona officials claim it was "for their own good" - no kidding).  Michel Platini, the player, had no problem cashing big checks, driving in expensive cars, and living the pro-football lifestyle but right now, all of a sudden, we are supposed to beleive in UEFA-mandated parity?  Rubbish.  Complete rubbish.

Ownership has the right to fail.  Period.  UEFA has no right to dictate management strategy to any club no matter what the noble cause might look like. 

The small market clubs will always be there, there will always be a Donetsk, an Espanyol, a Bremen, or a Sevilla waiting in the wings.  This season, one such small market club - Sevilla - could damned well win the treble (Champs, Liga and Cup).  Club President Del Nido has built that team with fiscally sound investment and discipline.  It would be a shame to not have the chance to appreciate that club's rise to prominence, despite spending from other clubs (including my own), because UEFA is worried about parity.  I am also cognizant of the economic principle that a rising tide raises all the boats; don't think so?  If you could get a ticket for the October 4th Real Madrid/Sevilla game the minimum ticket price is 100 euro.  That money goes into Sevilla and it goes into Sevilla because both teams made investments in their respective clubs - they took risks.

UEFA has no business interfering with that - none whatsoever.

Fans, finally, aren't stupid.  When Manchester sold out to the Glazers, who immediately raised ticket prices, a group of fans split off and started a brand-new club; F.C. United of Manchester, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F.C._United_of_Manchester) as is their right.

Platini's notions will destroy all of this.



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