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During the first 3 games of the season, I've learned a few things about our Raiders. The first one is a no-brainer, This is not a good football team. As of right now, I would say we are looking at a top 4 pick in the draft. Only the Rams, Browns, and Chiefs will pick before us. How can we afford another top 5 pick and get no immediate impact? We will either draft a "project" or a "speed guy". This has been the Raiders philosophy as of late, and it's honestly not working. I'm not saying it can't, cause we are starting to see some improvement with Huff, and lets be frank, Aso was nothing to write home about early in his career, but look at him now.


Now the QB, Russell is not the answer. I know Al loves a strong arm, but he should also love a guy with heart and a brain. J.R. Thinks he's doing "fine", and puts a lot of blame on the WR's, I'm not saying he's entirely wrong, but he does need to take some responsibility, and "man-up". This guy does not care if we lose, as long as his paycheck is deposited in the bank so that he can buy his fur, and jewelry. He is a self-centered, egotistical piece of ****. J.R, might have the talent to be great, but he doesn't have the will or the intelligence to even be a good QB.


Let's talk about our running game. Why is McFadden getting more carries than Bush? We have seen some very good runs by Dmac, but Bush is a much better down hill runner, and also punishes the defensive line. He can wear out a defense with his size and style of running. The Raiders need to be creative with Dmac. Run the wildcat or use him as a wr. He should have the ball in his hands, but he's a little soft, and constantly running him between the tackles is only going to cause turnovers, we saw that yesterday. Please, use Bush as the main RB.


Ok, it's now time to talk coaching. If I had to give our coaching staff a grade, I would have to say "F". Offensively, the play calling is very predictable. 1st down, run-Dmac for a gain of 3-5 yds, 2nd down JR pass incomplete, leaving us with a 3rd and passing situation, and we all know what happens there. Cable is asking JR to move the chains, not an unreasonable request, but really not a realistic one. We are a running team, so we should pound the ball up the middle, and run some play action. During the first half of the Charger game, was Cable best play calling. He ran Dmac and Bush, and threw an occasional pass and it was effective, but when the 2nd half came around, there was JR throwing long incomplete passes and almost abandoning the run. Yes, I believe Davis had something to do with that. Also, the coaches are NOT listening to the players. This is a "team" and everyone including players and coaches are on this team and should be on the same page. The way it looks right now, the players are losing respect for the coaches. It's a no win situation. Also, when the game was out of reach yesterday, why didn't Cable at least see what Gradkowski could have done? The least this would have done is show Russell that he can be replaced. All we did was show JR that "hey, you can throw 2 int's, and pass for 65yds and still be our QB" Not very smart in my opinion.


This is what I think. The Raiders are not going to the playoffs. The team needs to evaluate each and every player on this team, including Russell, and determine who's worthy and who isn't. If Russell does not improve and show some fire, then cut your losses and let him be someone else's problem. The same goes for DHB, Kelly, Warren, Morrison, ect.. The Raiders need to change the philosophy that there is NO DEFENSE FOR SPEED. Obviously there is NO WINNING WITH SPEED. We have so much speed, but no talent. I would rater have talent than speed. You know, I do respect the way Davis wants to play the game. I enjoyed watching the Raiders of old pound the ball, and then throw deep. As much as I hate to admit, I enjoyed watching the Old Chargers play with Fouts and company. To me, that's football. I'm not a big fan of the dink and dunk, for me that's just not the way the game should be played. To do this, you need heart and talent, and I don't see it with a lot of our players.


I've been a die-hard Raider fan for 32 plus years and Sundays are huge in my household. I'm getting more and more frustrated with this team each and every year. The negativity is rubbing off on playes that have been winning their entire careers (Seymour pulling hair). How can The Raiders expect people to come and watch a team that has no respect for the game? Every year we hope and pray that things change, just to be disappointed. Believe me, next year will be no different. We will all be glued to this site getting excited for the start of a new season, and after 3 games, we will all be angry and frustrated yet again. Why do we do this? I'll tell you why, because no matter what, Raider fans have and will always be the best and most loyal fans there are, but we do deserve better.


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