Keeping it real

Are you kidding me? Is this really happening? Another great weekend of football. The pretenders are showing up early. The sleepers are starting to wake up. And just when we think we have it all figured out, bloah, snap back to reality. Raise your hands if you saw any of the following happening?

  • The Titans are 0-3
  • The Broncos are 3-0
  • The Saints are 3-0
  • The Fins are 0-3
  • The Lions won a game

But luckliy we can count on some semblance of normality to keep things balanced.

  • The Browns and Chiefs are 0-3
  • The Bills still suck with you-know-who
  • Vick is not so quietly starting to make trouble
  • LDT sucks and is still a pansy

I would like to say I feel sorry for everyone who took Warner or Fitz in the first round of the FF leagues, but I won't. I will say I tried to warn you. It's safe to say that the Cardinals are who we thought they were. But never fear Cards fans, they play in the NFC West so they are still in the hunt for a division title.

Favre is the luckiest SOB in the league. There is no way any of you thought that desperation heave at the end of the game could have been caught. It was a typical Favre throw - just throw it deep and hope the right person catches it. That euphoria you're feeling now Vikings fans is merely false hope. Favre will fall apart and as a result so will the team. Trust me on this.

I have just one question before moving on. What in the H-E-double-hockey sticks was that on the field with the Ravens?


  1. Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
  2. Pokerface - Lady GaGa
  3. Saturday Night Special - Skynyrd
  4. Smooth - Santana
  5. Flower - Liz Phair (This one is special just for Thug.) Warning: It is rated NC-17


  1. I will have 10 different people comment on my blogs some day.
  2. Tom "One month free" Cable will punch Al Davis.
  3. LDT will whine that he is still the best back in the league.
  4. Norv Turner will do just enough to keep his job one more year.
  5. Jim Zorn will be gone before the end of the seaon.


Well, this week was another history making week. Never in the history of the power rankings has a team gone from being #1 to out of the rankings. That has never happened even over the course of the season, let alone after 3 weeks. But that's just what happened to the Steelers. What's wrong with this team? Have people figured them? Is the loss of Palamalu really that bad? The defense did take a hit, but the last I checked he didn't play offense. Also, I never thought I would see the Broncos here, but they make their debut.

  1. Giants (3-0) - What can you say about this team? They continue to roll. 
  2. Ravens (3-0) - Another scrimmage, another win. 
  3. Colts (3-0) - I thnk we can call the Colts a legit top 5 team, at least for now. 
  4. Saints (3-0) - The Saints are the biggest risers this week. And in case you didn't notice, they won this game on the ground. Trust me I know, I left Pierre Thomas on the bench in one of my FF leagues. 
  5. Patriots (2-1) - Yes they beat the Falcons, but they are still damn lucky to be 2-1. 
  6. Falcons (2-1) - Well, they started out playing a good game, but it wound up being not so close. Will the real Falcons please stand up. 
  7. Broncos (3-0) - Let's see, The Chiefs are 0-3 with Pioli in charge. The Pats are lucky to be 2-1, and the Broncos are 3-0. Hmmm, could it be that McDaniels was the brains of the outfit? 
  8. 49ers (2-1) - Just when I thought the 49ers would shut Crabtree up for good, they go and lose. Eugene Parker will probably have a press conference before I even post this blog. 
  9. Eagles (2-1) - Nothing like playing a JV team to keep you in the rankings one more week. 
  10. Love It Hate It - She is one of my longest running fans. How could I not put her here? Besides, if she was in a tussle with any of you, I got $20 on the kitty.
  11. Thug - Anyone who thinks Liz Phair is hot deserves to be in the 11 spot. Besides, the man know beer, babes, and sports.

On the verge

  •  Jets
  • Cowboys
  • Packers
  • Bears
  • Oso
  • Kp Kahder
  • Kelso


Well, my oldest son is finding out what it means to be in High School, but not necessarily in a bad way. He is on the drum line (have I mentioned that before) and he is building a great relatioship with the rest of the drum line. If there is one section in marching band that needs a great relationship; it would be the drum line. Well he spends most of his free time hanging out with him. But now his fellow freshman peeps are a little mad at him because he doesn't hang out with them. Thus his dilemma. I told him that is is very important for him to fit in with the drum line, but he cannot igmore his friends that he has had since at least 6th grade. He needs to find a balance. I gave him some suggestions as to how to do that, let's see if he listens. Um, I think I already know the answer to that one. I forgot he's a teenager.

I am going on an over night field trip with my 7th graders class. It's to a place called Enchanted Rock. It's gonna be a great trip. I mention this because if I don't post up my power rankings next week, you'll know why.


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