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Well the roster has been all but finalized as the Leafs have made their final cuts. While it is somewhat dissappointing but not at all unexpected, the Leafs sent Kadri back to London. Myself, after watching him closely, have to agree with the decision. While all he did was score goals, which is pretty important and all, it was truly all he did. He looked out of place and a little timid out there, but like most great ones he showed up when it counted. I don't think we will have to wait too many years before we see great things out of young Kadri in Toronto. Keep your head up, you were a long shot who made the decision to send you down very tough.

There were some nice surprises though that came out of the preseason, namely Viktor Stalberg. Where he came from, and how JFJ found him are both shocking and wonderful. Perhaps JFJ left us with at the very least one gem, and his 6 goals were exactly that. As well that whole line with Bozak and Hanson seemed to be a semi legitimate 2nd line. I know Hanson was sent down, but he will be back at some point this year.

On the other hand there were some unwanted surprises also. Tlusty looks terrible, out of place, under sized, and heartless. Maybe I should give him a break seeing as he is only 21 and has time to change things around, but apparently that growing will be done at the expense of those watching the big club. Is he another "heartless euro," or is he just young. Finish a check once and a while and people, both on and off the ice, will start to respect you not to mention you might create a chance or two. Kulemin has not look much better, but he is older and has more experience.

Finally let the goalie contraversy begin. I have never been a Toskala fan. I thought the Leafs paid way too much for him in the first place. When Shark fan is happy with a Wilson move you know that you have been taken. Wilson is kind of the NHL version of the Atlanta Hawks, just make any offer and you never know what he will take. Gus has looked good but in a very limited showing. Seriously he has only faced 22 shots in the preseason, he did stop them all and made one spectacular save in the process. Get rid of Vesa for whatever you can get, and split time with Gus and Joey, you will probably get the same production out of those 2 anyway at half the price.

Prediction: 96 points (somewhere between 92-98) 6th in the East (maybe 6, 7, or 8, but a playoff team)


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