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Another year. Without a World Series title. Or even an appearance. For the Chicago Cubs and their loyal, devoted fans. We (Cubs fans) have blamed a billy goat, a black cat, Steve Bartman, and now...Milton Bradley, for the Cubs' failures. After coming into the 2009 season as the NL's "clear-cut favorite", the Cubs won't even finish the season with 90 wins. The Cubs "ace" pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, will not reach either 15 wins or 200 innings. A rookie, Randy Wells, has been the Cubs most consistent pitcher...and he's a converted catcher. The Opening Day setup man and closer, Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg, have taken turns given fans heart attacks. Ryan Dempster, previously one of the worst closers in baseball, was grossly overpaid this offseason (after ONE good year as a starter) and has been above average. Catcher Geovany Soto followed up a Rookie of the Year campaign with a season that brings up two words: sophomore slump. Quite possibly, it had something to do with riding the oak in the World Baseball Classic and doing his best Cheech & Chong impersonation before the season started. Third baseman Aramis Ramirez missed almost two months after dislocating a shoulder. Light-hitting shortstop Ryan Theriot seemingly adopted a power hitter's attitude. Second basemen Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles have stunk it up, period. Luckily, the position was saved by trade acquisition Jeff Baker. After an awful April, first baseman Derrek Lee went on to have one of the better all-around seasons in baseball. Too bad, again, he put up big numbers in an otherwise mediocre season for the Cubs. Just like he did in 2005. The Cubs outfield was the most overpaid, underperforming outfield in baseball. Leftfielder Soriano, the $136 million man/space cadet. Centerfielder Fukudome, a poor man's Hideki Matsui. And rightfielder Milton Bradley, who despite criticism, wasn't that far from his career production. Unfortunately, his career averages leave MUCH to be desired. However, you have to give his agent credit. Anybody who could convince someone to give a volatile, injury-prone, above average player who's never played more than 2 seasons with one team a 3yr/$30 million contract should be given some type of award. Then there's the (who my Granny B says looks like an old woman) manager, Lou Piniella. If he didn't look frustrated, he looked uninterested. He couldn't control his team. He had players show him and umps up, and attack Gatorade coolers. Players (well actually, just Bradley) vented to the media and made disparaging comments about the media fans. And WHO constructed such a fine cast of characters? General manager, Jim Hendry. Well, at least the Cubs are no longer a prisoner of Sam Zell. Let's hope Tom Ricketts is a better, and more sensible warden. Till next spring training, Cubs fans...


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