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MLB trade rumors. Gotta love'em. I already did one blog on some trades, but those were just guesses. Now, in the dog days of summer and the trading deadline coming on fast, the rumors are starting to grow and become more specific. Most teams are buyers. Some are sellers. Every team is looking for that one missing piece. Who to where and why? And how?

Troy Glaus- Troy has a full no-trade clause. The last time he was traded, he required an $11.25 million player option for 2009. At this time, he is set to make another $4.4 million this year and $12.75 million next year.If he does get traded again, he could ask for $26-28 million guaranteed for 2009 and 2010. He will probably go to the West coast if he is traded. Dodgers, Padres, or Angels. The Padres might pull out considering Kevin Kouzmanoff, the rookie 3B so far for the Padres is hitting .283 since May 1st. The Angels are 9th in the A.L. in slugging, so they could use Glaus back.

Eric Gagne- First the Rangers were gonna trade him and now they want to keep him. Lets say Mo resigns with the Yanks, Fransisco Cordero of the Brewers would be the biggest free agent closer that is close to Gagne. Scott Boras is Eric's agent, so you know they are looking to land big. Some reports say maybe $25 million over 3 years. There has also been talk that the Dodgers and Braves are looking at Joaquin Benoit(29 years old, 3-3, 3.04 ERA, 51 Ks and 15 BBs in 50.1 innings) to help the bullpen.

Ty For Proctor???- If I'm the Yanks, I don't do this. Keep Proctor. Cashman seems like he wants to dump Proctor for a versatile bench player. Wilson Betemit has also been mentioned for Scott Proctor. The Yankees need a better bench, but what is more important: a good bench or a good bullpen? I think we all know the answer. The good thing about Ty is he is a righty. Wilson is a switch-hitter, but he has done nothing from the right side. It would be a great trade for the Devil Rays. All of the sudden, there young pitchers are looking very good and very talented. This would only add to that. This opening day, there payroll was $24 million. Imagine if they could bump it up to $50 million or $60 million with there young position players and pitchers. The Devil Rays would be getting a guy who could pitch 80 innings. That is what they need. Then again, so do the Yankees.

Kyle Farnsworth- If I was Cashman, I would trade him for a stick. The Rockies want him. What could the Rockies lose? The only problem is Kyle makes $2.2 million this year and $5.5 million next year. The Yankees would probably have to pay at least half of his contract. If the Yankees do eat that money, they should get a bench player. This is my point: trade Farnsworth for bench help, not Proctor.

Mark Teixeira- The Braves have said they will not give up Yunel Escobar or Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Tex. I don't blame them. The Braves will still try to get him, but not with those 2 guys in the mix. The Rangers want alot, so I don't know how that is gonna work out.

Adam Dunn- I have been saying the Angels would be a perfect fit for Dunn. Their is another team that could use him:the Tigers. Hear me out: the Tigers have alot of good, young pitching prospects and they it looks like they really don't want to hold on to Craig Monroe(30 years old, .219, 9 HRs, 44 RBIs) Dunn would give the team more offense(like they need more) from the left-handed side. Just think about that line-up with Dunn: scary stuff for pitchers.

Octavio Dotel- The Dodgers have taken a heavy interest in Dotel, but the Royals are asking WAY too much. Get this: they want Matt Kemp or James Loney!!! For a 33 year old closer with injury problems??? No way. Keep dreaming, Moore.

Who Would You Rather Have: Bronson Arroyo, Matt Morris, or Jose Contreras?

Mike Piazza- The Yankees,Angels, Mariners, and Twins want Mike. And also, you ready for this, the Red Sox!!! Where the hell would he play? If the Angels can't get Dunn or Glaus, he might be the next best thing. And no way is Piazza gonna be a Yankee.

Bobby Kielty- It looks like the Red Sox are gonna get him, at least by reports. He is a 31 year old switch-hitting outfielder. Not a major trade, but it might help the Red Sox bench in a big way. The Red Sox want Pena out of Boston. I don't blame them, he looks Adam Dunn only he is Dominican and he is right-handed. And he is a tad shorter.

No One Get Shea Hillenbrand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Loretta- The Yankees, Mets, and Padres want Mark. He is the perfect bench player. Never strikesout, can play anywhere, and he could also be an everyday player. I wonder why he has moved around so much. He seems like a guy you hold on to.

The Phillies- They are looking for a starter. They have been attacked without mercy by injuries. The only problem is the Phillies don't have much to give up. Steve Trachsel, Joe Kennedy, and Kyle Lohse have been mentioned with the Phillies.

The Reds Wanna Keep David Weathers. Why?

Red Sox- Jermaine Dye, Dave Roberts, and even Kevin Millar could get shipped to Boston. What I don't understand is why the hell would the Red Sox want Dye??? Wouldn't he then have to share time with J.D. Drew? That might not work for the chemistry of this team. Randy Winn makes more sense to me. He could share time with Coco in center. I think that is better.

That is it. Comment if you wish.


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