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I was browsing TD nation, and i stumbled across the first truly reasonable and objective look that I have seen about mike Vick. Sorry CardSox for another moral issue, i love 'em, and thank you Cassidy's House for allowing me to use this


Cassidy's House said 07/21, 06:25 PM
The owners of fighting dogs do unnecessary surgery on these dogs before they even step in the ring by removing the tips of their ears so they wont give their opponent something to chew on during fights. Part of the reason dogfighting is a billion dollar industry is the surrounding features of sex, drugs, gambling, and animal death, not to mention the torture by eloctrocution for the losers. In California, the only state I can speak to by knowledge of the laws where dogfighting is still prevalent, dogfighting is a felony. An exceptionally high amount of pit bulls in this state, from a low of 40 to a high of 90 percent, account for the injured in the local animal shelters. If you look in the dictionary something can not be a sport if it is also a crime. Hunting is a sport. Poaching is a crime.


mattmillen4president said 07/21, 06:49 PM
While I agree that dogfighting is disgusting, I think we need to look at our priorities. Which of these crimes should get less attention so that these dogs can be saved?
Child Molestation
Domestic Abuse
Armed robbery
Identity theft
Child Pornography...
I could go on, but I think you get my drift. While dogfighting is reprehensible, it isn't a priority to stop it. Nor should it be until our police forces get all the serious crime in this country under wraps


Cassidy's House said 07/21, 06:55 PM
Well seeing how all the crimes you listed above, save kiddie porn, have been around forever and get all the attention they warrant, are you telling me that when identity theft and some other more recent crimes hit the scene, we should have shrugged our shoulders at vigorous enforcement because we are too busy? You say yourself that it is reprehensible and disgusting so you have already taken the most important step, a moral stand against this CRIME. Lets leave the enforcement to the enforcers.


mattmillen4president said 07/21, 07:01 PM
The enforcers are already overburdened with more pressing matters. I'm simply being pragmatic: we don't have the resources to stop every crime that occurs, and no one will accept a tax hike to fund an anti-dogfighting task force. It may be sad and disgusting, but it isn't important enough to spend valuable resources on. They will make the occasional high profile bust to say "Hey, we're gonna stop these barbarians" and then go back to largely ignoring it when the furor dies down. It simply isn't worth the time or, more importantly, money


Cassidy's House said 07/21, 07:11 PM
More pressing matters? Okay, all those list of pressing matters that you listed were present when people suddenly found themselves poor because somebody stole their identity or the internet was crippled by hackers who could take down even the most protected websites. Did we say: "Sorry, more pressing matters to attend to. Not enough resources to look into those problems maam." Absolutely not, we allocated the funds needed to protect the innocent and defenseless, i.e. dogs.


mattmillen4president said 07/21, 08:22 PM
Identity thieves and hackers are committing a crime against PEOPLE, not animals. dogfighting has been around for a loooooooooooooong time and nobody gave a shiit until some star QB got implicated. When all of this settles down, people will go back to looking the other way. Finally, I personally think we should stand up against the sham that is the Iraq occupation, questionable (to say the least)election results, high ranking officials outing active CIA agents, VP's shooting people in the face, you know, important stuff.




Although Millen tried to present a good arguement, and i hold him in highest regards, I do agree with Cassidy, and I thought she explained her original point very well. Good luck to both on your Throwdown! 


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