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My observations of things I saw from the couch around the NFL in week 4.

  •  "Fast" Willie who? Rashard Mendenhall answered the call Sunday night against the Chargers. For a Pittsburgh Steeler team who's running game has been under scrutiny, Mendenhall showed that there might be a running in Pittsburgh yet. If I was Willie Parker I would be working extra hard this week in practice if he doesnt want to fall to the 2nd spot on the depth chart.  

  • Tampa Bay is lost. Against an underachieving Washington team the Bucs scored 4 turnovers off of one guy, and still couldnt get the job done. The upside? Cadillac Williams shows flashes of being a top 10 maybe top 5 back in the league. Not this year but if he can stay healthy for lets say a season this guy is gonna be dangerous.

  • Do I even waste any space for the St Louis Rams. No.

  • Are the Broncos for real? Im starting buy some stock in them but Im not betting the farm just yet. The next four games for the Broncs are Pats, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers. They could be 4-4 just as fast as they went 4-0.

  • New Orleans looks like they may have actually found some defense. That in itself is scary.

  • Jared Allen for the Vikings was an absolute freak of nature Monday night. Was it just me or was he in the Packers backfield on every play. Not to mention Favre didnt look like he was turning 40 on Saturday. He also looked like he was gonna cry during the press conference like beating the Packers was his personal little Super Bowl. And honestly I think it was.

  • The Titans are a bit of a shocker huh? Who would have thought that going into week 5 they would be 0-4? Im not sure but I think Kerry's welcome in Tennessee is just about overstayed. Vince Young could once again become the starter. I mean lets face it. Somethings gotta change.

  • Mike Singletary is the best thing to happen to the 49ers since Jerry Rice. Something tells me they are gonna make an appearence in the playoffs this year. He has turned that team around. Whatever hes doing in San Fran is the right thing and he knows it. 

  • The New York Giants WR Steve Smith is the Steve Smith. Nuff said.

Fantasy moved I made this week that stunned me:
I knew when I picked up the 49ers D and started them this week that I was probobly gonna be alright. I was shocked when I checked my fantasy team later on in the day and found out that the 49ers scored 39 fantasy points! One of the better acquisitions Ive made between weeks.

Fantasy pickup to look into: Rashard Mendenhall RB Steelers. If Willie Parker falls to 2nd on the chart this guy might be a monster. I wouldnt say drop everything and pick him up, but I would def think about getting him if youve got someone to spare.


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