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Ok, this is it: The MLB Regular Season is over. Although it took an extra day to finish it, now all 8 teams have nothing else to focus on except making it deep in October. Before the season started, I made predictions on how the final standings would appear. It is not officially time to review these predictions.

NL West
My Predicted Finish

Diamondbacks 85-77
Dodgers 82-80
Rockies 79-83
Giants 73-89
Padres 67-95

Actual Finish

Dodgers 95-67
Colorado 92-70*
Giants 88-74
Padres 75-87
Diamondbacks 70-92

Grade of Prediction: F

Ok, my predictions on the NL West were HORRIBLE. Somehow Justin Upton and Dan Haren made me fall in love with Arizona, and I felt like they would be unstoppable. I felt like Manny would not put up good numbers, resulting in the Dodgers barely finishing above .500. I felt like Colorado's one playoff appearance was a fluke, but that they would improve from their 2008 season. I thought that San Francisco had a good pitching staff but no bats, so I felt like the season would be over before it started. I knew that San Diego would be a bad, but it turns out they were actually better than I predicted.

NL Central

My Predicted Finish

Cubs 91-71
Cardinals 84-78
Brewers 76-86
Astros 74-88
Reds 71-91
Pirates 66-96

Actual Finish

Cardinals 91-71
Cubs 83-78
Brewers 80-82
Reds 78-84
Astros 74-88
Pirates 62-99

Grade of Prediction: B-

Actually looking pretty smart in this one. I correctly predicted that the winner of the Central would have a record of 91-71, I predicted that the Astros would finish with a 74-88 record, and I went out on a limb and said the Pirates would suck again. The Chicago Cubs is the team that has ruined my entire MLB Predictions the most. I had the Cubs being great, and resulting in their first World Series appearance since 1945. Oops.

NL East

My Predicted Finish

Mets 89-73
Phillies 86-76*
Braves 80-82
Marlins 78-84
Nationals 73-89

Actual Finish

Phillies 93-69
Marlins 87-75
Braves 86-76
Mets 70-92
Nationals 59-103

Grade of Prediction: C-

Oh, those Mets. It was a lot like my Cubs prediction but much worse. New York could not stay healthy at all this season, and it resulted in their first losing season since 2004. My Braves did better than I expected, but they need a big bat if they want to try and win the division in Bobby Cox's last year. I actually felt like the Nationals would have a season like they did in 2005 when they were not contenders but did beat up on a bunch of good teams. Well, I was completely wrong, as Washington posted the worst record in baseball.

AL West

My Predicted Finish

Angels 87-75
Athletics 83-79
Mariners 79-83
Rangers 72-90

Actual Finish

Angels 97-65
Rangers 87-75
Mariners 85-77
Athletics 75-87

Grade of Prediction: C

When the season started I felt like the 2009 AL West would mirror the 2005 NL West, when there really wasn't a great team and each team tried to just let someone else take the division. I felt like the Angels pitching rotation would struggle, and I thought it would get even worse for the Angels after the death of pitcher Nick Adenhart. However, LA rebounded beautifully, and they never looked back. I felt like the Rangers only had Josh Hamilton, which would result in a horrible season. Texas responded with my prediction by contending for the division crown until late in the year. I felt like the A's would be a darkhorse for the Wild Card hunt, but all they did the entire year was stink.

AL Central

My Predicted Finish

White Sox 92-70
Twins 83-79
Royals 81-81
Tigers 79-83
Indians 77-85

Actual Finish

Twins 87-76
Tigers 86-77
White Sox 79-83
Indians 65-97
Royals 65-97

Grade of Prediction: F

This entire division was horrible for me. #1, I thought that the entire division would be a lot better than it turned out to be. #2, I thought the White Sox would make dominate and would have a shot to win the World Series for the second time under Ozzie Guillen. They played like this was possible until September, when they started playing like the MLB version of the '08 Detroit Lions. I thought that the Tigers would struggle, ending in Jim Leyland leaving the team. The Tigers struggled in the last month, possibly ending with Jim Leyland leaving the team. I really feel like Royals manager Trey Hillman is the guy who can turn Kansas City around, but it seems it will take longer than expected. I knew the Indians would struggle without star CC Sabathia, but not as bad as they did. However, I did predict that Eric Wedge would be fired. That's a plus.

AL East

My Predicted Finish

Yankees 97-65
Red Sox 90-72*
Rays 84-78
Blue Jays 77-85
Orioles 64-98

Actual Finish

Yankees 103-59
Red Sox 95-67*
Rays 84-78
Blue Jays 75-87
Orioles 64-98

Grade of Prediction: A

Sure, this is almost always the easiest division to predict, but I still predicted the final standings in correct order! I felt like the Yankees were the favorite to win the World Series (predicted them to beat the Cubs in 5 games), and I still feel this way. The Red Sox will be dangerous in this postseason, much like they are always. The Rays, Blue Jays, and Orioles finished almost exactly as I predicted, with the only exception being Toronto only missing my prediction by 2 more losses. Overall, this was the best division picks I made.

Now the managerial changes I predicted:

Braves - Bobby Cox (retired)
Indians - Eric Wedge (fired)
Tigers - Jim Leyland (retired)

Grade of Prediction: B+

This year Bobby Cox announced his retirement following next year, Eric Wege was fired after a dismal season in Cleveland, and it appears that Leyland may not return as Tigers manager. Sure, there were other managerial changes out there (Astros, Nationals, Diamondbacks, Rockies), but I feel like I did a decent job on this one. 

*= Wild Card


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