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That's right I said it. Three years from now as Team USA goes back to the Olympics I think they will take the gold, assuming all the players currently on the team stay committed. And there is one reason why I think that. Jason Kidd. Well ok there are more but he is the main reason. I personally think he is the best point guard the NBA has seen since Stockton (yes not Steve Nash) He defends, rebounds, passes, and most importantly leads. Team USA needs an undisputed leader, not 3 different young captains like last year. Kidd brings that leadership along with stellar perimeter defense and the ability to control both a fast break and half court offense. Kidd commands the respect of everyone in the league, even Kobe who happens to be the second reason why the USA will win.

Bryant, love him or hate him, is the best scorer in the world right now. Yes he can be a ball hog but I don't see that happening with this team. The Laker's Kobe doesn't trust his teammates and thinks he has to do everything but here on Team USA he finally has teammates he trusts and loves to play with. I think the selflessness of players like Kidd and Lebron will rub off on him. He will quickly see that these guys can score when he passes, unlike Kwame Brown, or Smush Parker. His three point shooting and ability to take over a game will be invaluable to the US team. To top it all off he brings great defense. With him and Kidd on the outside the large physical European guards will have a much harder time than they did against Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade.

Now that we got the starting back court out of the way, let's look at the front court. There isn't much I should have to say. At small forward you have Lebron James who by then will be 3 years older and better, with some international experience under his belt. If that's not one of the scarier things you have ever heard of I don't know what is. You think he is good now just wait three years.

  Down low there are several players who could start, but since we are talking about 3 years from now I have to say Dwight Howard is my favorite for starting at Center. With Chris Bosh, who played well last year in the Olympics, as PF I think these 2 will work well together. They have different styles but still provide great defense and rebounding. Plus they can both run the court with Kidd, Kobe, and Lebron (wow I got shivers just writing that)

The two last reasons I think they will win are, first the bench, and second the experience. Just like last year the USA bench is stacked with stars, allowing Coach K to continually substitute and run all game long. Billups is much like Kidd, as he is a great defender and floor general who all of the players respect. Carmelo, Wade, Amare, and Hinrich are now used to the international game and know what to expect, while Michael Redd's three point shooting will be imperative.  Whoever, else makes the team should be a specialist ala Prince, Redick, or Battier (at least one dookie has to make it). Many of these players have international experience and won't be fazed by the physical nature and packed paint as they were last year.

Well there you have it; that's why USA basketball fans will finally have a reason to smile and not hide in the corner embarrassed because our vaunted athletes can't beat a bunch of "soft" Europeans and Argentineans. Team USA finally has the experience, leadership, talent, and chemistry to bring back the gold for us long awaiting American fans.

Now watch they are gonna go and get swept by Croatia, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania.


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