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As I have stated before that the Cowboys are my favorite team, but like Parcells said it is what it is.  And the Cowboys are a middle of the pack team that think they are an elite team.  An elite team doesn't commit 4 offsides penalty in one game much less in one drive.  Defensively, we also had an unnecessary roughness called on the secondary that kept a drive alive and the hit wasn't even necessary when a good hard tackle would have caused the Chiefs to punt the ball.  Heck, I've coached middle school teams that didn't have a single one throughout a season.  Offensively Romo and Flozell Adams continue to make bone headed mistakes.  It is time to start looking at a new left tackle because not only is Adams commiting penalties, but he is also getting beat on pass protection on a regular basis.  As the game against the Chiefs progressed I thought that it was the Cowboys who were 0-4 instead of the Chiefs. 

Romo's post-game interview was even worse because he was talking about how resilient the Cowboys were.  He was making it sound that they had beat the Patriots, the Colts, the Steelers, or the Giants.  When in fact we had just beaten the 0-4 Chiefs.  I also paid attention to Pam Oliver's comments during the halftime on how disgusted the some of the players were about being 0-10.  But it sounded like if the Chiefs should rollover for them and this sort of arrogance needs to be straighten because we have not accomplished anything.  It seems that the Cowboys think that this is 2 years ago when we went 13-3 and nothing was accomplished back then either.  James Bradie continues to say that we need to get our swagger back.  When did we ever have swagger?  How many Super Bowls have we won during the last 3 years in order to have swagger?  I believe teams like the Steelers, Colts, Patriots, and Giants are teams that should have swagger.  But they don't talk about it, they just perform at a high level.  They are more interested in winning Super Bowls than having swagger. 

The Cowboys are sloppy and very undisciplined football team.  This upcoming weeks we are going to hear and read how certain players from the Cowboys have a tremendous work ethic in order to cover-up their sloppy play.  Most of the time a tremendous work ethic is demonstrated on Sundays and this is obviously not occuring.  For example, it was obvious that Romo was going to fumble the snap from Grurode because he didn't even have his hands under his genitals and he also pulled out early.  What the heck was Crayton thinking when attempted to field that punt with his body going to the left of the ball and his finger tips barely touched the ball as it landed.  Unbelievable!  Middle school teams perform better than this.  Fifteen years ago, as coach I could tell my teams to study certain teams and players to see how it is suppose to be done in order to improve and now I tell them to study to see how not to do it.

Miles Austin is credited for saving the game for the Cowboys with his 10 catches for 250 yards and 2 touchdown performance.  He definitely deserves more credit than he will get because half of those receptions were spectacular effort on his part and I'm not forgetting his drop touchdown pass.  He caught the ball with tight coverage on him and after he broke tackles after he caught the ball.  Hopefully, the Cowboys will not allow Austin's effort to go down the drain and continue to build momentum in order to become an elite team. 

Utilizing this momentum and the bye to erase the mistakes that make them inconsitent team instead of an elite one.  Phillips should be breathing hell, fire, and brimstone for their poor performance instead of treating as just a win.  It is time for the Cowboys to start winning in spectacular fashion instead of playing down to their competition.  Maybe Phillips can as upset as Aikman was at the beginning of the third quarter.  Jerry Jones should place every body on notice for the remainder of the season.



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