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    The Red Sox, for those of you living in a hole, lost yesterday 7-6 to the Angels after blowing several leads. Losing this game sent them packing and getting ready to golf in the sun of Florida. So what are the plans for the Red Sox this offseason. Theres no Mark Texeria( who the sox missing out on was huge) this offseason. Heres what I see them doing.

SP- They got this down pretty much set. Beckett and Lester form a dominant 1-2 punch at the top. Clay Buchoulz is finally living up to his expecations and will be an excellent 3 starter. Dice K showed he got his form back late in the year and will be a good 4 starter.

Now who the fifth starter is gets a little tricky. If wakefield can come back healthy than its his. However hes pushing 45 now and that back looked terrible. Luckily the sox have options in Junichi Tazawa, Paul Byrd, and Micheal Bowden. I say we let Byrd sit at home to mid season again and take a flyer on Ben Sheets. That would give us much depth. And of course re visit King Felix and Doc Halladay trades.

Bullpen- The Red Sox had one of the most dominant bullpens this year but unfortuanly it chose the wrong game to falter. Okie, Bard, Ramirez, Delcarmen, and Saito are coming back. Delcarmen, Wagner, and I'd say Papebelon are less certain.

My proposal is that its time for the Red Sox to trade papebelon. Trade him to the highest bidder( DET, TEX, and TB come to mind). Then you pick up Wagners option and have him close for the year. Bard takes over in 2011.

C- Pick up both options. I dont care how bad Tek hits hes still the captain. Give him the respect of picking up his option if he wants to come back. Have him catch only Beckett.

1B- Try hard to trade for Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez or another big bat. If not keep Youk here.

2B- Nothing to do.

SS- Pick up Gonzo's option and have Lowri on the bench. Gonzo makes the defense much better.

3B- Hope Lowell gets healthy enough to play 120 games. If not and you cant get a big 1B bat alternate Youk, Lowri, and Lowell here.

DH- Ortiz

RF- Get rid of JD Drew. He is overpaid by about ten million dollars and is not a vital part to the team. His stock will be high and you have an ample replacement in Josh Reddick. Sign Abreu if you can.

CF- Ellsbury.

LF- No more than 14 million for Bay( either that or a one year deal). He hit .263 with 162 K. No matt Holliday either for above that. If both want more money hope to get a servicable LF in the Paps trade. If not sign Abreu and put Josh Reddick in LF.

These changes would lower payroll and if the right trades went through improve the team for now and future.

What do you think? Too drastic maybe.


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