NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Here is my Week 5 edition. Please comment, I wanna know what you think.

1. Colts (5-0, LW 1): They destroyed the Titans defense Sunday night. And the D held the Titans to only 3 field goals. Any fears anyone had about the transition from Dungy to Caldwell seem to be shattered.

2. Vikings (5-0, LW 2): Jared Allen has had a monster 2 weeks. Favre looks to be accepting that more of a game manager role and letting AP and Taylor take control of the game. The D still looks scary, like I've thought all year too.

3. Giants (5-0, LW 4): Steve Smith (not the 4-time Pro-bowler) and Mario Manningham are sadly becoming really good options for Eli. Mario just needs to be a little more consistent. The D is still amazing, the running duo of Bradshaw and Jacobs is still fantastic, and Eli is doing just good enough to get by.

4. Saints (4-0, LW 3): The offense is just about unstoppable, and more importantly the D is playing amazing. Now if the D can keep up this team is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Broncos (5-0, LW 6): If you aren't inpressed by them beating the Patriots, what will it take? I believe these guys are for real. But the bigger challenge is that of the next few weeks. They play the Chargers, Steelers, and the Ravens in the next 4 weeks. Then it doesn't nessesarily get easiler from there. But I think they have very good shot at taking the West the way its looking right now.

6. Bengals (4-1, LW 10): This team could be 5-0 if it wasn't for that crazy last second loss to the Broncos. The D is looking good, Palmer is coming up huge in the 4th quarter week in and week out, and Benson is playing well, finally living up to the hype of being a 1st round draft pick. Being the first RB to get 100 yards against the Ravens in forever is a pretty good accomplishment.

7. Eagles (3-1, LW 9): McNabb looks great coming back from that broken rib. Maclin looks good too, once Cutis is healthy the receiving group of Jackson, Maclin, Curtis, and Celek is looking to be very dangerous. We just need to get the running game to get going then this offense could be vary vary dangerous. The D is looking formidable once again.

8. Falcons (3-1, LW 13): They had that one hiccup against the Patriots, but last week the trio of Ryan, Turner, and White came up huge. Against the formidable 49ers D, they put up 45 points. And they held the 49ers to 10, if they keep this up they will reach those high expectations most people had for them this season.

9. Bears (3-1, LW 11): The WRs are stepping up big, giving Cutler the WR support he needs, because he's not the type of QB that can just live off of using Forte and Olsen. The D just needs to be hold up for this team to have a shot at the playoffs, which I think their chances of getting in would be a Wildcard spot, I like the Vikings in the North.

10. Steelers (3-2, LW 14): Mendenhall is looking good, just need Parker to get his legs under him and the offense will be just fine with Big Ben Roethlisberger at the reins. The D is really the thing thats draws concern, can't believe I just said that), they need Polamalu back then hopefully they'll get back to form.

11. Ravens (3-2, LW 7): Major step back losing the division lead after going 3-0, but the test of good team isn't just to destroy the opponent but also how they handle problems. Now let's see how they handle this.

12. 49ers (3-2, LW 12): The offense obviously needs Gore to be successful, scoring only 10 points against the struggling Falcons coming out of a bye. I think they have the potential, lets see how Singletary and this team handles this 2 game losing streak.

13. Patriots (3-2, LW 8): These guys are not looking good. In my opinion they should be 2-3 though, watching the Fox Pregame Show I saw one of the so called roughing the passer penalties on Brady. Wow. He brushed up against him! Then they showed a hit the Pats had against Flacco, the "shot" on Brady was nothing compared to that! Flacco got jacked up (helmet to his chest), and fell back into the helmets of a defensive lineman and an offensive lineman. And no flags! and it was 3rd down just like both of the ones against Brady. And you know what? Flacco got right up, no complaining. Brady gave the ref a tough time, staring him down to throw the flag. I lost all respect for Brady right then and there.

14. Jets (3-2, LW 5): I like what Rex is doing, but its tough to lose like that. Trading for Braylon Edwards is looking to be a great move. But that D fell apart in the 4th, and thats supposed to be the strong point of Ryan and this Jets team. They need to work this out, this D needs to step up if they want any chance of winning this division over the Patriots and Dolphins.

15. Chargers (2-2, LW 15): Again, they have the pieces, just depends on how Norv Turner uses them. They also need LT to finally get healthy, Sproles does not have the size to carry the full load.

16. Dolphins (2-3, LW 24): The WIldcat looked unstoppable, and Henne was able to handle the constant subbing in and out, thats key if this Wildcat and Pat White thing is going to work out. They just need the D to play well.

17. Packers (2-2, LW 16): The 3-4 is working better than their D did last year, their o-line is just flat out bad. That is the key to their success, Rodgers is looking good and Grant is good.

18. Texans (2-3, LW 17): I love their offense, especially Andre Johnson. The D needs to step up if they want a shot 2nd place in the now wide open AFC South, some more run support from Steve Slaton would be nice though.

19. Seahawks (2-3, LW 23): If this team stays healthy, they can be dangerous. Especially being in the weak NFC North. But thats a huge IF, when they are not healthy they don't stand a chance even in the West.

20. Cowboys (3-2, LW 18): There are 2 good things going on for this offense: their run offense and Miles Austin. Romo is mediocre, and the D let the Chiefs take the game to OT. On a higher note, Austin is one of the reasons that the 'Boys dropped TO and that game showed that he has the potential to really be good, I hate to say it but I thought he'd be good too. I saw him in a game last year against, I think, the Eagles, and he destroyed.

21. Cardinals (2-3, LW 21): The offense can still be dangerous, with arguably the best WRs in the league. The D and the running game are what's going to decide how this team does.

22. Panthers (2-3, LW 27): At this point in the rankings its tough, but I have to go with the team with the most upside. With Smash and Dash, this team has the capabilty to socre at will, the just need to score. Then the D isn't going to be great but the offense needs to out score the other team more like last year.

23. Jaguars (2-3, LW 19): They have the potential to be good, with MJD and Sims-Walker. Garrard just needs to be the game managers he needs to be, but the D needs to keep them in the game so he can be that and not letting up 30-40 points.

24. Redskins (2-3, LW 26): They have 2 wins, so I couldn't put them below the rest of the teams. But these guys are sad. The D is doing their jobs, the offense to step up. They have Portis and Betts, so honestly they need to be a run 1st team. After they got the run started, the play action has worked well with Campbell and Moss. Zorn just needs to realize this then maybe they win some games and he doesn't get fired.

25. Bills (1-4, LW 22): Again, the offense has the weapons. Two great RBs, two good WRs, and a QB with some potential, just not any Peyton Manning skill. So they need to be a run first team too.

26. Titans (0-5, LW 28): They may be 0-5 but of the remaing teams they have the most potential. I say its time to give VY a shot.

27. Lions (1-4, LW 25): OK, they have 1 win, they are moving in the right direction with a franchise quarterback and a young running back, they do need to improve on D though.

28. Raiders (1-4, LW 20): They don't look good at all. The D is not living up to anything, O honestly thought Al hadn't ruined that side of the ball yet, and the offense is just bad. McFadden is hurt, so the run game is going to be even worse, and JaMarcus is looking like a huge bust, I think they need to give him some time though. Giving him 2 rookies at the top 2 spots on the depth chart doesn't help.

29. Chiefs (0-5, LW 29): They took the Cowboys to OT, but that D needs help. And offensively, I still think Cassel is overrated, and they may need to shift the majority of the carries to Charles because LJ is not anywhere near as good as he was a few years ago.

30. Browns (1-4, LW 31): They may have won, but they scored 6 points! 6! Wow. If you can only score 6 against the Bills, something is wrong with your offense. I hope Manginus knows what he's doing because that'd make 1 person.

31. Buccaneers (0-5, LW 30): Starting Johnson was a great move by Morris, Johnson gives the offense a chance and again they need to get a run game going to give Johnson some help.

32. Rams (0-5, LW 32): Boller can't even put any life in this offense, something needs to be done about this team.

Again, Brady needs to be a football player and learn to take a hit. Its football for crying out loud!


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