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Al Davis, owner and czar of the storied Oakland Raiders of the NFL is faced with what to do with the head coaching position of his team once again.  Current Head Coach, Tom Cable is facing the possibility of being charged with assault on an assistant coach this year.  In that incident, defensive assistant coach Randy Hanson alleges that Cable hit punched him resulting in a broken jaw.  Hanson also alleges that Cable threatened to kill him during the training camp incident of August 5.  Cable denies the allegations and is staying mum on the incident on the advice of lawyers.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking a wait and see attitude to determine if Cable broke any personal conduct policies.  So far, Napa County District Attorney, Gary Lieberstein state his office is continuing to review the case.  No timeline has been given on when he expects to either charge Cable or dismiss any potential charges.

This leaves the question of, what will Al Davis do for a head coach should Cable be criminaly charged or face a suspension by the NFL.  I say hire a fan to coach.  Yes, a fan.  Not just any fan mind you, but a fan that has long been a part of the Raiders family.  Who would this fan be you ask?  I say Craig Hudson of Lugoff, South Carolina.  Why a fan from the east coast you say?  Why not, I reply. 

Let's face it, any coach that comes in, is under Al Davis' thumb and Davis really controls everything in connection with the Raiders.  Since 1998 the Raiders gone through six head coaches (including Cable).  John Gruden has the most tenure during this time period having coached 64 games.  Cable has coached 12 games so far and Art Shell has been at the helm for 16 matchups in his second stint as the head coach.  There's very few coaches in college or pro that want the job.  Remember in 2003 when Bill Callahan left?  There was a long period of time where Al couldn't find a head coach.  Hudson sent Davis a letter explaining to him what he wanted to accomplish as coach of the Raiders and offered his services at a time when no one else would return Davis' phone calls.  Al finally settled on Norv Turner instead.  Or was it Turner decided he would reluctantly build his resume by signing on for the job.  Turner lasted only two seasons when he got the axe and Davis rehired Raider great, Art Shell.  Shell won only two games in one season as the head coach.  One season.  You see the trend developing here?  No one in football really wants to coach in Oakland.  Lane Kiffen was next in line and only coached 20 games and now we're in the Tom Cable era. 

Craig Hudson would work relatively cheap.  He's willing to for between a half million and million a year, depending on endorsements and incentives.  He is set to retire in a few weeks from the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office.  During his 25 years in law enforcment, he has learned to deal with people from all walks of life and a diversity of backgrounds.  Hmmm...the same qualities a head coach must possess.  Hudson does have a football background having played at Lugoff-Elgin High School.  What about managing people and coaching football?  Hudson has that checked off also.  He has worked all areas of law enforcement from investigations to a supervisor on patrol.  Another asset in dealing with the various backgrounds NFL players come from.  On the gridiron, he has coached for a total of seven years.  He's currently in his second year as head coach of the Dolphins of the Kershaw County Recreation League Pee Wee Division.  He's coaching a bunch of kids?!  Yeah...let's face it, several NFL players are just rich big kids anyway.  They whine and moan about practice, the amount of playing time they're not getting, the amount of touches they're not getting.  The only difference (other than the size of the players) is you don't have to worry who's bringing the snacks and drinks to the game like you do in pee wee's.

Hudson is a firm believer in team discipline As far as discipline is concerned, why wouldn't you want a veteran lawman at the helm getting your team on the same page?  His football philosphy has long been based on the Al Davis model of "throw deep and throw often."

Yeah, you can call us crazy for even bringing up the idea of a fan becoming the head coach of a professional football team.  But really, which is more crazier - Al Davis and his senile antics or a fan coaching a once proud franchise? 

So the next time you hear about the Oakland Raiders and the troubles they're having with coaches, just think about Craig Hudson, a card carrying member of Raider Nation, being the head coach of Oakland.  If no one else wants the job, why not give it to Craig?  He couldn't do any worse. 


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