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Hello there.

I'm Mac. I used to be quite the regular to this site some time ago; actually a year ago to be exact. Before leaving I'd been here as one of the top contributors for about two-years, roughly my entire Junior and Senior years in high school and a bit beyond, before the site went through changes and I subsequently, bailed.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop back in and jot down a few thoughts, you know, for the purpose already stated, and mostly to check in on this place and kill some time on this Sunday night.

Bears and Falcons start any minute now for Sunday Night Football on NBC. I really love Sunday Night Football. Much more than I do at any other time when football is going on, other than naturally the Super Bowl. It's a great time for football, as its not the middle of the day when just sitting on the couch watching a game seems sad and depressing to your schedule, because mostly for me and my years of fanhood, it's always spent alone. Sunday nights are different, as people's schedules become more open and we all know night is the socially acceptable time for get-togethers.

So family or friends usually are available to come chill, eat, drink and rejoice in the glory that is football. And to top it off, Chris Collinsworth is calling the game. I love this guy, because as I put it, he's a great football guy, with playing experience and a wonderful analytical touch, who also never forgets he's a fan too.

Tonight is great, even though I'm alone in my barracks room here at Fort Hood, TX. My Bears are 3-1, going into a game against the very good looking Atlanta Falcons, who just got done squashing the bandwagon that was barreling across the west-coast that is the following for the 49ers, last week in San Fran with a score of 45-10. Matt Ryan is looking great and so is Tony Gonzalez, which is looking to be one of the best off-season moves in the NFL right now. Chicago is looking good as well, with Jay Cutler becoming more and more like the guy Chicago front office members wanted and saw in Denver ever since the gutty win over the defending champion Steelers.

Cutler's efficiency at quarterback is mirroring the former man for the Bears, Kyle Orton, who's replaced him for the Broncos. Cutler even looked like a former Broncos QB recently with his epic spinning dive into the endzone last week, resembling the late-great John Elway. Chicago should look to run the ball tonight and do their best to dictate the time of possesion category in order to keep Matt Ryan off the field, because I can already see him lighting up the Bears defense -- I just have this sense of it for some reason.

Denver by the way are looking, well, fantastic. And who would've thunk it? That's the statement that's been tossed around for the past week or so all across the sports broadcasting ranks, and it's legit... because really, who the hell thought before the season the Denver Broncos would win five-games, much less their first five. As a Bears fan, I knew Kyle Orton had a way of winning games for Monsters of the Midway, but by that same token, I always contributed it to how the Bears had such a turnover/scoring-happy defense, deadly special teams and this mystique that helped them win games they didnt have any business winning. (Cardinals, this season's Steelers game, etc)

 So yes, I'm not buying into the Broncos right now. Sure, Josh McDaniel's is a energizing young coach who is exactly how I'd imagine myself as a coach. (maybe with a little more John Gruden in me at times; screaming, cursing) The defense is revitalized and stifling, much like years past. Brandon Marshall is easily one of the best receivers in the game, overtaking one of my favorites, Steve Smith -- although, I'd blame Jake Delhomme for any woes any Panther is having right now.

But still, I'm not buying the kool aid being sampled across the country for the Broncos. I'm still waiting on Kyle Orton to start looking like the average QB I know him to be and the defense begin bending.

 Maybe it's also because I adore the Patriots and want to see them succeed, even if I'm a Bears, Panthers and casual Saints fan.

Maybe it's just stubborn bias. But for now, stubborn as it may be, the Broncos are not one of the better teams in the league. They're this year's Titans, folks: undefeated for a while, soon to become human, eventually going to fail in the postseason.

As far as who the best team is in the NFL right now, I'd of said the Giants today's games. Then the Giants got smoked by the Saints, a team much like the Broncos, I'm still skeptical on.

So at the moment, I'm taking the Top 5 NFL teams for Monopoly money, Alex.

1. New Orleans Saints

Really, Brees is out of this world right now. That defense has looked good at times, but giving up 27-points is nagging me right now. The Saints are looking phenomenal but I'm still on edge. Oh well, number one.

2. Indianapolis Colts

Peyton is looking like Peyton as usual and the defense is tops, even without Bob Sanders. Or do they have him back? I lose track of him sometimes and his injury routine.

3. Minnesota Vikings

143-yards for Peterson. Three-touchdowns for Favre. 33-points for the offense. Put all that together and you've got a win over the Ravens, a team a week ago before their loss to Cincy I was saying was a Top 5 team. Go Brett... and Vikings too.

4. Denver Broncos

I know I said virtually that the're overrated, but hell, they're undefeated and I'm obligated to give them SOME props. Josh McDaniel's and his fist throwing celebration may have also contributed to this spot.

5. New York Giants

So they got thrashed today, so what. That defense is still stout, they just got thumped by the offense EVERYONE is getting thumped by. Eli is one of the best in the game right now and he's surrounded by great, young receivers who are playing like they're five and six-year vets. And did I mention the dump-truck they've got?

Closing in on the Top 5: Ravens, Patriots and Falcons

Oh, and there goes the Bears game. Hester with a nice return. Bears offense on the field. Gotta go, got a game to indulge and obsess over for the next few hours. In the mean time, give some mad props to Alex Rodriguez for being Mr. October-2009.

Mac out.


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