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Since I didn't explain how I come to my power rankings last week I will elaborate this week. A teams overall record plays a big part. The level of compitition they have played throughout the season, as well as, in their most recent game is considered. Their performance throughout the season, and especially most recently plays a huge roll since the ranking could change week to week. For example this week I think Arkansas performance against Florida is more impressive than Ole Miss blowing the doors off of UAB. Why, because Florida was a 27 point home favorite and their wasn't many people who would have figured the game would have to come down to Florida hitting a game winning field goal on their last possession. However, everyone who breathes oxygen knew Ole Miss should have blown UAB's doors off and they did. I am thinking of adding Player of the Week for the rest of the season also. As always everyone's insight and opinions are welcome as long as they are intelligent. So with out further ado Week 8's Power Ranking's (as I see it.).


1. Alabama Crimson Tide - They didn't win big against a game South Carolina team, but as is usually the case with Alabama they do just enough to win when it comes to the better compitition. Will Mark Ingram be invited to New York at the end of the season? I can't see how he won't be as he keeps getting better and the other preseason Heisman favorites just don't seem to be living up to the hype. Next game: Tennessee Volunteers Last week's rating: 1.

2. Florida Gators - Interesting fact about the Tebow as the Gator starter. The Gator's were only 1-5 when trailing going into the 4th quarter. Make that 2-5 as Tebow put the team on his back on the final drive and led the Gator's to a tougher than expected victory against the rapidly improving Razorbacks. Gators will visit former offensive coordinator Dan Mullen in Starkville, Ms.  Next game: Mississippi St. Last week's rating: 2.

3. LSU - Spent the weekend preparing for Auburn's new and what had been improved offense before the past two games. Next game: Auburn. Last week's rating: 3.

4. Arkansas - Despite losing to the Gator's the Hog's move up in the power rankings because of their impressive performance against the defending National Champs. Defense has really stepped up the past two weeks and slowed down what had been the two most high powered offenses in the SEC. Is it possible the offense is even more dangerous without their starting running back? It sure appears that way. Next game: Ole Miss. Last week's rating: 6

5. South Carolina - No shame in losing to the Tide in Tuscaloosa on homecoming. No defense has really slowed Ingram this year and he is the best running back the Gamecocks have faced to date, or will face for the rest of the season. The defense has to be proud about only giving up 13 points to Alabama's formidable offense. To bad they could only manage 6 themselves. 1st quarter pick 6 hurt. This is the point of the season where the Gamecocks have began imploding the past two years was this loss the beginning of the end for the Old Ball Coach? Next game: Vanderbilt. Last week: 4.

6. Ole Miss- Yes the Rebels won and the Hog's lost but that was the first impressive game the Rebel's have played all year and it came against less than stellar compitition therefore they move up in the ratings. Since the Rebels and Hog's play each other this weekend 4 and 6 will sort itsself out on the field and not just my opinion. Next game: Arkansas. Last week: 8.

7. Georgia - Did defensive coordinator Willie Martinez save his job this week after the beat down of the Commedore's? Well he lived to survive two more weeks since the Dog's have this week off to get ready for the game formerly known as the World's Largest Outdoors Cocktail Party. Next game: Florida week 9. Last week: 9

8(tie). Auburn- Will the true Auburn offense please step up? Is it the one that was averaging over 40 points a game the first 5 games or is the one that has shown up the past two weeks? My guess is it is somewhere in between. Shades of 08 are starting to creep up with Chris Todd unable to put zip on the deep passes. The schedule gets no easier with a visit to the Bayou coming this week. Next game: LSU. Last week: 5

8(tie). Tennessee- Dropped a spot despite the off week due to big wins by Ole Miss and Georgia and the fact that I couldn't justify dropping Auburn behind the Vols after Auburns big win against them in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated. Next game: Alabama. Last week: 7.

10. Kentucky- Kentucky broke a losing streak to Auburn that dated back to win the Rolling Stones were young (1966). They did it on the road in Jordan Hare so despite their win being less lopsided than Mississippi St. I have the Wildcats leapfrogging the Bulldogs. Middle Linebacker Micah Johnson will hear his name called on Sunday's next year. Next game: La-Monroe. Last week:11.

11. Mississippi St- Bulldog's keep getting better and better and their drop in the rankings this week has more to do with the Wildcat's big win than anything the Bulldog's did wrong. Bulldog's and coach Dan Mullen get a visit from his former mentor Urban Meyer's Gator's this week. Next game: Florida, Last week: 10.

12. Vanderbilt- Commedore's lose again and losses keep getting uglier and uglier. Coach Johnson is a winning coach, but there probably isn't a coach in the country that could win consistently in Nashville. Next game: South Carolina, Last week: 12.  

Player of the Week: Mark Ingram, Alabama- 246 yards on the ground plus a touchdown against a tough Gamecock defense earns Ingram this weeks player of the week awary.

Biggest Surprise of the week.- Arkansas Razorback defense. The Razorback much maligned defense has stepped up the past two weeks against what had been the two highest scoring offenses in the SEC and held them to half of what they had been routinely scoring.  


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