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One of the most often debated topics in college football is whether or not there should be a playoff system and how a playoff system should be formatted. In this blog, I will describe to you my ideal college football playoff.

My playoff would be constucted around these basic elements and ideas:

1. 8 teams.

A. 6 BCS conference champions.

B. 2 teams with Highest BCS averages not in the 6 BCS conferences.

C. Seeded according to BCS average.

2. Incorporation of major bowls.

A. Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, and Orange for the initial round of 8.

B. Increase relevance of said bowls.

3. Incorporation of BCS.

A. BCS average determines the 7th and 8th teams.

B. BCS averages determine seeding.

C. Makes BCS committee more likely to accept a playoff.

4. Coexistence of minor bowls.

A. Rewards teams for playing well who don't make the playoff.

B. Gains revenue.

C. Keeps the small bowls happy so they will accept playoff.

The 8 teams in my playoff would be the champions of the 6 BCS conferences and the 2 teams with the highest BCS average who do not belong to these 6 conferences. This should satisfy both the big conferences as well as the small ones. In my opinion, a team that is not the best in its own conference has no right playing for the tile of the best in the nation. The teams would be seeded according to their BCS averages with the 1 seeds playing 4's, and 2's playing 3's. One major criticism of playoff system is the loss of bowl games. However, there are now so many bowls that most of them are virtually meaningless. In my playoff, the Sugar, Orange, Rose, and Fiesta bowls would become the four first round playoff games. This would greatly increase their relevance and fan-interest. The other bowls, on the other hand, could still be played by teams who do not make the playoff. They would have no meaning to anyone but the fans of the teams who play in them, exactly as they do now. Another problem that comes up when the issue of playoffs is disscussed is the objection of the BCS. In most playoff plans, the BCS is discarded completely. The BCS committee is obviously strongly opposed to this and will do all they can to prevent these playoff plans from becoming reality. In my plan however, the BCS is incorporated in 2 very important ways. First, the 7th and 8th teams are determined by BCS average. Second, the 8 teams are seeded according to their BCS averages. This will keep the BCS committee happy and make them more likely to accept a playoff.

While no playoff idea is perfect, this is the best I can come up with. If you disagree with  part of my plan, or have a better one I would be happy to hear your thoughts. However, I will ask you to please refrain from being rude because, as I said, no plan is perfect. Thank you.


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