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Came across this while surfing today.  


I'm just saying. . .


Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks and sounds like a guy whose car (career?) is stuck up to it wheel wells in mud and there's no help in sight.


The media in Charlotte over the weekend caught Dale Jr. admitting he was at the end of his rope.


Hold that thought.


Kevin Harvick didn't come right out and say it, but indicated to various media that 2010 could be his last season driving for Richard Childress, suffering one of his worst seasons as a car owner.



Harvick has not won a Sprint Cup race since the 2007 Daytona 500, meaning he hasn't won a points race in almost three seasons. For those of you with decent short-term memory, Harvick did capture the 2009 Budweiser Shootout in February.


Said Childress of Harvick: "Kevin is going to be with us next year and Shell is going to be with us. We'll just see how everything plays out in the future. I didn't see his interview. I've heard some comments on it. But whatever happens, happens. We'll just move forward."


Hang on to those pieces of information. . .


Time to connect the dots.


If Harvick does make 2010 his last year at Richard Childress Racing, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. has made no progress at Hendrick Motorsports, could it be possible we'd see an Earnhardt back at RCR in 2011?


The 2011 Sprint Cup season will mark the 10th anniversary of the death of NASCAR's "Intimidator.'' Yes, enough time has passed since that horrible day at Daytona. Earnhardt and Childress won six championships together.


Harvick out of the No. 29 RCR car and Dale Jr. comes into the fold at Welcome, N.C.? Can you imagine the excitement that would generate just as the economy begins heating up again and people have money to buy No. 3 collectible stock cars. Huh?



Doesn't all this make perfect sense?


I'm just saying that this is a racing blog and us tire smoke-sniffing bloggers have an obligation to throw these impossible scenarios up into Cyberspace. This is not farfetched. This is closer than you know, if the right circumstances fall into place.


Everybody out there knows that the Childress-Dale Jr. union is NASCAR's missing link, you know, the next big thing, a moon shot for the sport. It would bring one aspect of NASCAR full circle.


Dale Jr. and Childress have something is common. Both are working like crazy to catch the performance level of Hendrick Motorsports.


Dale Jr. may be NASCAR's most popular driver, but you get the feeling he's not happy sharing the attention with two drivers that have won seven championships and another that has been described as the best driver never to win a title.


Dale Jr. would thrive at a team where he is the center of attention, not an afterthought.


During his conversations with the media at Charlotte, Childress was asked about the problems Dale Jr. has encountered this season, and there is a subtle twist in his response, where he incorporates RCR in his answer about Dale Jr.  I took the liberty of highlighting the part of the quote where Childress intertwines RCR and Dale Jr.


"Junior can still drive a race car," said Childress.  "He can compete. He can win. And he will win a championship some day; it's just a matter of going through a few of these peaks and valleys and I've spoke to him a couple of times trying to give him the encouragement to keep digging because we've been there. We're almost there right now. We're seeing a little daylight."

I'm just saying. . .


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