After an exciting week of football that included high-scoring games decided in the final seconds (BAL @ MIN), huge upsets (PHI @ OAK), and huge blowouts (BUF @ NE). This week there should be some drastic changes made. As usual, Brady still sucks and please comment.

1. Colts (5-0, LW 1): They didn't lose this week, so how could I take them out of the #1 spot?

2. Saints (6-0, LW 4): The offense scored 48 on one of the best Ds in the league, which just reaffirmed that this is one of, if not the, best offense in the league. The D held their ground allowing 27 points, but thats ok with this offense.

3. Vikings (6-0, LW 2): The offense played amazing against the once brick wall that was the Ravens, but the D let up 31 points. They can't do that if they want a playoff spot, or a 1st round bye.

4. Broncos (6-0, LW 5): These guys are the real deal. They may have had some "easy" games, but after two straight wins over the Patriots and the Chargers they have a good lead in the AFC West and a spot in my top 4 (but I'm sure they are happier about the lead in the West tho).

5. Giants (5-1, LW 3): After an embarrassing loss (not as embarassing than a loss to say like the Raiders tho), they need to rebound. The D especially. The offense put up 27 points, which with this D should be enough to get a W, so they aren't necessarily to blame, except they have to watch the turnovers and ELi needs to keep his cool. But honestly, I hope they don't do any of this and lose to the Eagles in 2 weeks. hahaha.

6. Falcons (4-1, LW 8): They may have gotten away with a win but the big 4 really need to step up if they want to keep up with the Saints.

7. Patriots (4-2, LW 13): I hate to do this, but I don't have anyone esle to put here. Here's why. I not sold yet with this 59-0 beatdown of the Titans. Here are my reasons why: the Titans were out of their element with the snow so (the advantage Pats there), the Titans suck this season (advantage Pats), the D REALLYsucks (advantage Pats), both starting CBs for the Titans out with injuries (advantage Pats, and any decent QB). So there you have it, the Pats are at #7 for no reason other than everyone else is suckish, inconsistent, a little sucky, completely sucks, or doesn't belong in the NFL. Brady sucks and needs to learn to take a hit.

8. Bengals (4-2, LW 6): Tough loss to the Texans, but the AFC North is still in their grasp so its not a total loss. I'm just surprised that how the season had been going, Palmer wasn't able to pull of a last minute 11 point comeback.

9. Steelers (4-2, LW 10): I think this tea will be fine, they just need Polamalu back and the run gameto get going.

10. Bears (3-2, LW 9): Again its getting tougher the lower I get because the teams are just leveling out. But I like this offense, and the linebackers just need to hold up for this team to get a WIldcard spot.

11. 49ers (3-2, LW 12): They may have had a bye, but just about everyone I had around them last week lost so. And to actually say something about them, they should be fine as long as Gore is taking the majority of the snaps.

12. Ravens (3-3, LW 11): It may seem strange to only move one spot after that heartwrenching loss to the Vikings, but (I never thought I'd say this this soon but) this offense is getting scary. Rice is showing he has what it takes to become a feature back, or at least get most of the carries, and Flacco is just flat out having a great year. The D just needs to keep up with the O.

13. Texans (3-3, LW 18): I've liked this team all year, and I knew it relied heavily on the D and Schuab's health. They have hit a snag with Slaton not reaching his performance of last year, but the O is still scary. The D just needs to contain teams like they did to the Bengals this week.

14. Packers (3-2, LW 17): Sure they beat the Lions, but its still a division game which always seem tough no matter what. The offensive line will decide this team's fate.

15. Cowboys (3-2, LW 20): This team is ok, but not great (I'm not even sure if I'd say good). The D is playing terribly this year, Romo sucks, all they have going for them is the run (and weak opponents but I won't go into that again).

16. Cardinals (3-3, LW 21): Maybe it all finally clicked, and they are back to form. But probably not. Let's face it the O is not as potent (I should know I have Warner on one of my fantasy teams, and at this point Orton is startin over him). And ithout thats amazing passing attack its just not the same team.

17. Jets (3-3, LW 14): What are you doing Rex?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You get your team off to a great 3-0 start, including huge wins over the Pats and Texans. Then a 3(!!!) GAME LOSING STREAK. What is this? Pick a side, good or sucky. I understand the loss to the Saints, they may be the real read this year, but the 'Phins and Bills?!?!?!!?! Those should be cake-walks compared to the Pats!

18. Eagles (3-2, LW 7): I don't know what to say. One week you dismantle the Chiefs with your backup QB, 2 weeks later coming out of the bye you dismantle (if that eve describes this game) the Bucs, then the following week you play the Raiders! Which in just about anyone's eyes is a matter of how much you beat them by, not IF. The Raiders O had 1 good play, the rest of the game was pretty much dominated by the Eagles' D and a bend-but-don't-break philosophy. So its just a matter of how many times the Eagles score right? WRONGO! The Eagles scored 9 count 'em 9 points!!!! A whole freaking 9!!!!! The Phillies outscored them later that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what's worse is that the Raiders' D wasn't even playing that well, we did it to ourselves, I repeat it's all the offense's fault. And as the starting QB, and honestly also a leader, of this team you should know when your out of timeouts! And Reid you should have not wasted those timeouts in the first place! (still doesn't excuse McNabb for calling for one when we didn't have one) They better get their act together and have a field day against the Redskins or soon someone else is gonna vandalize Mcnabb's yard.

19. Dolphins (2-3, LW 16): If the Wildcat stays as productive as it was against the Jets, and Henne can keep playin well even while being subbed in and out, this team could be dangerous.

20. Chargers (2-3, LW 15): At the start of the season it seemed like this team had this division in the bag, and that it was theirs to lose! Well they lost it, and now 3 games back, Norv needs to change something up or this team will fall and fall hard. They have too much talent not to be great, I blame Norv.

21. Panthers (3-3, LW 22): This defense is hurting them mostly, I mean 21 points to the Bucs? A little more help from Dalhomme and the offense wouldn't hurt tho.

22. Seahawks (2-4, LW 19): This team has the weapons to be really good, they just aren't. Consistency is what it'll take to make this team a contender.

23. Jaguars (3-3, LW 23): Again, they have potential. They need to get the ball to MJD and Sims-Walker and let them make plays.

24. Bills (2-4, LW 25): They have weapons on offense, including a scary RB duo in Lynch and Jackson, the D and the offensive line need to step up, mainly the o-line. Thanks to a win over the spiraling Jets, the Bills are the best of the worst. This group I'm gonna give the temporary title "The Wretched..." That ... will be filled in each week with the # of teams qualify (I'm just trying it out seeing if it catches on). So they Bills are the #1 team in this week's Wretched 9.

25. Raiders (2-4, LW 28): Officially they won, but honestly the Eagles handed them the win. The Eagles' O had a ton of drops, could not protect McNabb, couldn't get the run going again, and just flat out stunk.

26. Chiefs (1-5, LW 29): They got a win, it just wasn't as impressive as the Bills and Raiders because the Chiefs beat a fellow member of the Wretched 9. But a win is a win so I give them their props, but get ready to lose again next week against the Chargers.

27. Lions (1-5, LW 27): Nothing new in Detriot. Another game another shutout. Just pick yourself up and get ready for another beating next Sunday.

28. Redskins (2-4, LW 24): Zorn's job is lost. The twos teams they have beaten are the Rams and Bucs, which combine for 0 wins, they lost to 2 teams with each 1 win a piece (Chiefs and Lions), and 2 respectable losses to the Giants and Panthers. And they have some talent too, Zorn is the problem.

29. Browns (1-5, LW 30): They showed some life once again! Scoring 14 against the Steelers! Now if only they could get to the point where that stops being great news. And firing Mangenius would probably help too.

30. Rams (0-6, LW 32): They finally showed that they HAVE an offense! wow. I didn't know it was true til I saw they scored 20 this week, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it.

31. Buccaneers (0-6, LW 31): I was very tempted to put this team at 32. The only good thing is that you've found a potentially deadly RB commitee and you have a TE that your QB loves to throw to.

32. Titans (0-6, LW 26): At this point, the only thing going for 'em is Chris Johnson. PUT VY IN!!!! Jeff Fisher, if you want your job next season the only chance of doing that is to get a few wins. ANd its pretty obvious that 'ole Kerry ain't gonna get 'em for you. Put in Vince, it may not save your job but at this point thats about all you cna do. So put him in unless you came up with a miraculous way to make your D just as good as last year.

Ok, those are my rankings. Disagree? Wanna say that you actually agree? or Just wanna give your 2 cents? Please comment.

Still hate Brady.


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