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   Once again, another ESPN analyst is in trouble. This time it's former New York Mets GM Steve Phillips, who has had an affair with a 22 year old assistant at ESPN (Sounds like the Sports Version of Letterman, doesn't it?). Apparently the 20-something Brooke Hundley has done the dirty with Phillips, and it's turned into a Fatal Attraction situation. It was reported that Brooke arrived at the Phillips house, carrying a letter that explained what was going on that was intended to the then-Mrs. Phillips (Mrs. Phillips has since filed for divorce after 19 years of marriage). She refused to leave, and the police were called. Miss Hundley even went as far to point out birth marks in certain areas that it seems only someone very "close" to Mr. Phillips would know about. ESPN has since suspended Phillips, and his future at ESPN is in serious doubt.

     In case you didn't know, this isn't Steve Phillips's first run-in with a young girl (notice i didn't say pretty young girl. If you saw Miss Hundley, you would know why). In 1998 he was sued for sexual harassment, but everything was settled out of court. As much as I'd like to spend this entire blog blasting Steve Phillips and saying he should not return to ESPN, I want to focus on ESPN. Can these ESPN analysts not keep their hands to themselves? I swear, they are worse than TV evangelists. Don't believe me, or just don't remember who I'm talking about? I'll give you some reminders other than Steve Phillips.

   Harold Reynolds - Reynolds, a former Baseball Tonight analyst and three time Gold Glove winner was fired from ESPN in July of 2006. Some at ESPN said that the firing was due to sexual harassment charges. According to Reynolds, the incident was "a total misunderstanding" and what really happened was that "I gave a woman a hug and I felt like it was misinterpreted." Honestly, this sounds sketchy at best to me, but I guess it was enough. ESPN settled the case in April 2008, awarding Reynolds a seven figure settlement. Reynolds is currently an analyst for MLB Network.

  Woody Paige and Jay Crawford - Paige and Crawford, then regulars on the ESPN2 show Cold Pizza, were both accused of sexual harassment of a former makeup artist on the show.  She accused both men of groping and propositioning her on the set. Both men denied these accusations, and the case was dismissed in August 2008.

   Chris Berman - Definately the most laughable of all the situations mentioned in this blog. It was said that back in the '90s that Berman walked by an attractive woman in a bar holding a leather jacket and wearing leather pants and told the woman "You're with me, leather." The woman immediately got up and left the bar with Berman. This has became a iconic phrase among many who know of the situation. Hard to imagine the 2 Minute Drill Man acting as The Ladies Man, but apparently it's true.


   I think now NBC may need to make a To Catch a Predator: ESPN Edition to teach these older guys to stay away from the young ladies. I've actually thought about being an ESPN analyst when I get out of school. A career change may now be necessary. Guess I'll be following Steve Phillips in that regard.   


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