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Had you talked to me on August 15th and told me that the OU Sooners will be 4-3, I'd probably call you something involving alot of *! and other symbols. I'd also think you were either refering to the row team, a hopeful Horns fan, or crazy.

But now 2 months and a week later that is where we are at. What is more crazy is that I am stunned but not upset. Perhaps it is because the 3 losses were by a combined 5 points, all were against top 20 teams and none of the games were at home. Although if that was the only factor I'd be upset. I think it was watching Bradford on the ground for the 2nd time in just 3 games of action. Its hard to say 3 games since he only made it to the half-time locker room one time. You could literally see his frustration as he left the field on the 2nd series against Texas. You felt for the guy and it gives you pause.

Then I thought about the fact that the backup is a redshirt freshman, the backup tightend is the center, the starting TE (an projected 1st round NFL player) has not played a snap. For those who don't know Gresham he has 26 tds, 14 last year with nearly a 1,000 yards receiving to go with it. He is the difference many times in 3 vs 7 pts on the board.

It made me wonder how did we remain in those games. Imagine a Tebow-less or McCoy-less Gators and horn teams. Then take away there best receiver, and a makeshift line. Exactly. And I doubt many other teams would have played as close.

Yes, I know I will still have many dreams. Excuse that. Sleepless nights watching Franks somehow lose his balance when Colt McCoy dives at his feet and somehow stops a pick 6. Not to mention two other dropped pic 6s in that game. And say what if. But that is football. That is what makes the fan a virtual surfer that is up one moment and crashing down the next. No excuses, just thoughts of how it could be.

What has really encouraged me and perhaps what made me enjoy this season is watching this defense fly around the field. Knowing that they could knock the head off any team in college football this year. Only 1x has this unit given up more than 16 points. And that was mostly due to turnovers by the freshman deep in their own field of play against the Canes.

A defense that has given up 71 points which ties them with Florida for 2nd best. Note: PSU is number one with 71 points but played 8 games which is why 1st. However, 4 of 7 games OU played were against teams ranked in top 25. Three of them spending at least some time this year in the top 10. No other defense can boast the same against similar talent. PSU - 1 ranked team and lost. Texas - 1 ranked team. Florida - 1 ranked team.

So when I look at everything. I see a likely Holiday Bowl unless things get shaken up. And alot of young talent that will be back. I guarantee it.

Boomer Sooner

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