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Admit it. You read the title and thought, I can't wait to read something to fuel my hatred of this guy. Maybe it is because he is a Cowboy. Perhaps it is because your dating history or current relationship is sad and you are lonely. It is amusing watching people apply one standard to Romo and another to anyone else.

If I hear one more person, let alone ESPN talking head, talk as if Romo is having a bad year, I might just.... Alright I will calm down, but really does anyone actually... I don't know use facts to support an opinion.

This year Tony Romo has had one awful game. The Giants on Sunday Night Football. Threw 1td and 3 picks and less than a buck fifty in yards. However, many if not all have had an atrocious game. Just ask Cutler.  So I decided to look at the games:

Is it tds to Interceptions: Well in the 5 other games he has a total of ONE int with 8 touchdowns. Ask Austin he knows it was his failure to run an out against Denver that resulted in the single interception. Heck even one of the Giant game Ints was a deflection that then hit wittens heal and bounced up. Before you say fumble the answer is 1.

 Is it yards and ability to move the ball: Well when you take away the 1 bad game he has 1,525 yards in the other 5 or a 305ypg average. Even with the bad game the average is 275 yds a game -10th best. Take away the Giant game and only Peyton is better. His yards per attempt is also 5th best. And at least 255 yards in every game but the 1.

Offense: Perhaps it is because his team's offense is woeful and as QB that falls on him. Oh but wait. They are 6th in total offense and 10th in scoring offense. Huh.

QB rating: This is a favorite of many. Especially Kyle Orten/Denver bandwagon types. Well Romo is 10th ahead of McNabb, Cutler, Palmer, Flacco, Eli Manning, Matt ryan, and Kurt Warner. In same # of attempts more yards than Orten and equal TDs. Factor in the two freak of nature tds (the batted up not down ball against Cincy in week 1 for about 90yds) and the Marshall running figure 8s around the dallas secondary on a ball. And we get more perspective.

Its wins baby: But Dallas is 4-2. If playoffs were today they are in. The two losses were against teams 11-2 and both could just as easily been wins. They count as losses that is the NFL. But people act like he is having a bad year.

So, I guess it goes back to that hatred thing. So take a deep breath. Read. Perhaps about the endless hype and T&R stories about Favre coming gack to Greenbay this upcoming weekend.




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