I want to blog this just because I heard announcers talking about this earlier tonight. As I'm watching the Yankees game waiting for the Braves to step onto the field to take on Barry Bonds and the Giants, the Yankees on the "YES" network start talking about how Derek Jeter is a sure-fire Hall of Famer! He's done everything for the Yanks! He came up through their farm system, a good leader, good teammate, good citizen. All of which is true! I love Jeter! To me, he's the man behind the man! Which, the man to me is Chipper Jones. Now, later on once the Braves started playing, the SF Giants' announcers kind of start debating wheather or not Chipper is Hall of Fame worthy? Are you kidding me! Give me a break. Is Chipper not a product of the farm for Atlanta? Has he not been with the same organization since '91? Is he not a good leader, good teammate, or a good citizen?!? He took a paycut a few years back just to give extra spending money to help the team out(Hello, Tim Hudson). The only other players I've heard of doing that is Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, that I can recall out there. Although, I'm sure there's been more. Let's compare THESE TWO HALL-OF-FAME BOUND PLAYERS, shall we?!?

Derek Jeter #2, SS-New York Yankees- 13 seasons(1995-present), 1777 GP, 7193 AB, 1342 R, 2283 H, 372 DBLs, 53 TRPs, 190 HRs, 909 RBIs, 260 SB, 743 BB, 1246 Ks, .317 BA, .379 OBP, .463 SLG, 123 OPS, 3331 TB, 1 time ROY honoree, 7-time All-Star. 1-time Silver Slugger Award winner & Runner-up in MVP voting in 2006

These are just his stats. This does not show anything about his character, his work ethic, his knack for coming up big in big time games (hello Jeremy Giambi). When he retires he's gonna go down as the one of the greatest of all time and thats a fact!

Chipper Jones #10, 3B-Atlanta Braves- 14 seasons(1993, 1995-present), 1837 GP, 6677 AB, 1244 R, 2044 H, 404 DBLs, 32 TRPs, 373 HRs, 1246 RBIs, 134 SBs, 1118 BB, 1051, Ks, .306 BA, .403 OBP, .544 SLG, 144 OPS, 3631 TB, Runner-up ROY, 5-time All-Star, 2-time Silver Slugger Award winnder and 1999 MVP (unanimous)

Now, let's look at the obvious. Jeter has 4 WS TItles to his name (two over Chipper and the Braves), Chipper has one Series Title. Jeter has one WS MVP, Chipper has none. In fact, Chipper hasnt the had the greatest post-season stats of all time.

Now, let's look at the OTHER obvious reason Jeter gets so much attention and publicity. HE PLAYS IN NEW YORK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! There's no greater city in the world to get publicity. Chipper plays in a low-key, small market town in Atlanta. He doesnt get the pub, he could get had he been in New York. Atlanta grows their talent into champions. New York buys all their talent and puts together champions. Chipper has been the guy they built around for that organization for a decade and a half. All New York does is make sure they don't buy another Shortstop cause you could have controversy! HAHA! Whats up, A-Rod?!?

Now, you look at the #'s here and clearly, but not significantly, Chipper Jones has had the better career #'s wise. I mean, more HRs and RBIs by far, and just a tad bit under Jeter in the BA department and that is what baseballs all about right? Producing runs? Chipper is one of the greatest of all time at doing that little part of the game. Now you might be saying, "Well, Chipper began his career in 1993 and Jeter didn't begin his until 1995, of course he's going to have better #'s?" True, but looks can be deceiving. Chipper had 3 ABs in 1993 and missed the entire 1994 season due to a tear of the ACL in his left leg I believe it was.  They are pretty much on par with eachother in GP and AB.

Chipper Jones is the Derek Jeter of the National League and Derek Jeter is the Chipper Jones of the American League, am I right?!?

All I want to hear is that Chipper is just as Hall-of-Fame worthy as one of the greats of our generation in Derek Jeter...because, isn't he? I'd like to think so, and I'd like to hear Chipper getting a little more respect!


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