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Working on getting to 100. Leave me comment if you want to add to the list. Ill give credit.Thanks to moon,Johny b.goode,deviantdarkness101,RavNCK and Billy Goat. Yeah it has nothing to do with sports deal with it, kinda like any Rick Reilly article.1.Can you help me bury this body?

1.Can you help me bury this body?
2.Have you ever seen my south America?
3.Want to see my wcw action figures?
4.I kill goats with my mind.
5.I have 7 toes want to see?
6.I sleep with a cardboard cut of Brett Favre.
7.Can you hold this gun for me?
8.Im stealing your car, no joke.
9.Your toilet broke and i pooped in your shower.
10.Im Pauly Shore.
11.I play for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
12.I was in gay porn.
13.I just got out of prison today.
14.I have 43 fantasy football teams.
15.My cats talk to me.
16.I have had sex with 3 girls and a cow.
17.I only look at bbw porn.
18.You know any gmilfs?
19.So i had to crap in the cat box.
20.There is no camera in my bathroom ha ha not
21.Wanna play Madden 97?
22.I never heard a girl fart louder than I do before.
23.Could i borrow Halo 3?
24.Date rap drug what?
25.I was on to catch a predator.
26.Been on cops 9 times.
27.I was in police academy 6.
28.Is your **** all ways that small.
29.Your boob is bigger than the left one.
30.I used your cat as toilet paper.
31.Hold on to that thought i have to call my mom.
32.Jimmy Fallon is funny.
33.Want to do heroin.
34.Im in a foghat cover band.
35.Im from New Jersey.
36.We cant have sex at my place my mom is sleeping.
37.Were do you keep your tampons.
38.Have you ever done a backward 180 in the layout position?
39.I play for the Lions.
40.I have a fridge full of dog food.
41.I cheat in charity softball games.
42.I haven't shaved down there in 7 years.
43.I once drank out of a dog's bowl. I was very sober.
44.Want to look at cat porn?
45.Want to see my star trek fan film?
46.Your Mom's got a nice rack!
47.Has your mother all ways been hotter than you.
48.I don't believe in showers.
49.Im okay with rape.
50.I live in a wall mart.
51.Quick! I have to get home soon, it's almost footsie pajama time!
52.Im in the band creed.
53.I like my girls how i like my eggs, drunk.
54.We cant go back to my place, my pet tiger is waiting there.
55.No one understand me when i stop taking my pills.
56.The oc is the best show ever. *OMG*
57.My last girlfriend lets just say she went fishing for a long time.
58.I understand Tim and Eric's Awesome show.
59.Can i borrow 5 grand from you?
60.You looked hotter on the computer.
61.You look nothing like you did on that dating website.
62.This is my 1st time out side in 4 years.
63. Will you scratch my back in the spot between the shoulder blades were i cant reach? To the left a little.
64.Tonight is chess club night want to come along? how much money do you have again?
66.My superpower is that i can talk to fish.
67.I once won a race around the world.
68.I crapped my pants.
69.I have a gambling problem, i bet on pee wee football games.
70.I still wet the bed.
71.I like scrambled porn.
72.Can i chase you around in this shark costume???
73.Its shark week in my pants.


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