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Ok.  Here are the teams that were not on the bottom but finished in the middle in their divisions.  Who do you think will make a move up and who will fall?

Tenn. 8-8- Vince will improve but he will need to throw more to win.  This is a decent team that could have a good season at 10 wins.

Jacksonville 8-8- Defense has kept them in games and the offense has struggled.  They will still be a decent team but 7-8 wins will be as good as it gets.

KC 9-7- A great back with Johnson and a decent QB that will do well.  Their defense still has issues and will cost them games.  They will be a good team but 9 wins probally will be repeated again.

Denver 9-7- The question is can Cutler lead all year?  This team always runs well and has a decent defense.  If Cutler can be consistent; they will be an improved team.  They should win at least 10 games.

Cincy 8-8- This team is loaded on offense and has a defense that could be great.  They seem to struggle with team issues and injuries.  If they can stay healthy and keep out of trouble; they will have a great season.  They could win 12 games; if they are healthy and focused.

Pitt 8-8- This is still one of the best teams in the NFL.  Injuries were issues last year.  The coach is questionable but the teams talent is not.  If they can unify and click under the new leadership; they will win at least 10 games.

Dallas 9-7- An average coach with a talented team.  The defense plays well at times and they do have weapons on offense.  The QB could be a good system QB and his experience from last year; will help him improve this year.  They should be around 9-10 wins again this year.  They were one snap away from a good win in the playoffs.  They need to be consistent to win against great teams.  The new coach will not be an upgrade.

Giants 8-8- Barber was a huge loss and he was a great leader.  Eli still has questions and there are allot of issues and questions for this team.  They will struggle to get 8 wins.

GBay 8-8- Bret still has at least one good year.  He will need a great year in a running game and a defense that will need to keep games below 25 points.  This team is better and could improve. This will be his last year and the new coach is an upgrade.  They could win 9-10 games.

Minn. 6-10- six wins will seem good after this year.  This team has issues and QB is just one of them.  They have talent but it could be a hard year. They may win 5-6 games.

Carolina 8-8- A good QB with a great receiver in Smith.  If there defense can be consistent; they could have a good year.  They will finish with 9-10 wins.

Atlanta 7-9- Vicks mess will hurt and Joey could not win in Detroit but he has talent.  He could have a second life and be what the falcons need.  Atlanta lost a great coach and chose a great college coach who will struggle in the NFL.  They still have talent and will have a shot at 8 wins; if Joey can be consistent and not overplay; who knows...

St. L 8-8- Great QB with a great offense; They need a defense who will be consistent and not make every game a shoot out to win.  They should get at least 9 wins.

San Fran 7-9- Gore is a raising star and they have talent.  This could be a great year if the QB can improve and be consistent. The defense has talent but will need a better year or Gore will be like Barry Sanders and put up big numbers but fail to win.  They should get 8-9 wins.

Jets 10-6- Great coach and QB.  They have good talent and the defense will be the key to a great year.  They should get at least 10 wins again.

Buff 7-9- There are questions to this team and the defense has to play consistent.  There is talent but they seem to lack leadership and need key positions to change to win.  They will struggle for 6 wins.


Your thoughts and predictions?


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