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What's up College fans!!  Welcome to the ugly truth NCAA style!  This is my first blog in this great group and I'm going to start off with a bang!!  As usual I keep awesome assistants and oh yeah I blog pretty good too!!!  So lets get to it.............  Since there aren't many attention gettting games this week I will focus on those that do get our attention.

#4 USC @ #10 Oregon - Well here we go again!  SC is in a position silence the naysayers or be the blunt of the " I told you so's".  Unfortunately for the Trojans, Oregon is not the same team that stunk it up against Boise St. in the opener.  Systematically, the Ducks have strung together quality wins and being at home gives them the best chance to upset the Trojans.  On the other side of the coin SC has mowed down the competition, let's not let the late garbage points that SC surrendered to Oregon St. fool you, SC is the real deal.  However giving up 432 yds. to the Beavers will have to be corrected and knowing Carroll it will.  The truth:  This is easily the game of the day if not for nothing else but SC's #3 ranking, this will be a true test for both teams.  USC 23 - Oregon 20.


#3 Texas @ #13 Oklahoma State - For those Big 12 fans who don't feel that the Texas Longhorns are for real, well here's a Pac 10 fan that agrees with the masses.  Texas hasn't looked sharp all year ( The top 4 haven't with the exception of Alabama) I think the Sooners found a way to lose the Red River Rivalry, which this year in the Big 12 was the game of the of year until tomorow.  Oklahoma St. had all the tools to handle Texas until Dez Bryant lied about not lying, so now Texas can pin their ears back and come every down.  The truth:  Texas should control this game after the tylenol wears off for Oklahoma State especially on defense, I don't believe Oklahoma State has a plan b or c after Dez Bryant.  Texas 34 - Oklahoma 21.

#1 Florida vs. Georgia - The world's largest cocktail party!  Florida has not played like the number one team at all this year.  After the refs helped them escape Arkansas, Florida's lack luster performance has been in question.  Georgia on the other hand was the nation's biggest flash in the pan.  After being ranked riddiculously high after losing Moreno and Stafford to the NFL, they quickly went out in the opener and proved that they didn't belong in the top 25.  The truth:  The only reason this is a conversation is because it's Georgia- Florida and no more.  Florida wins big without the refs lending a helping hand.  Florida 38 - Georgia 3.


That's my time today!  Unfortunately, everyone else is playing sub par competition.  This would be a good weekend to catch up on yard work.  Thank you all and thanks to my lovely assistants.  See ya!!!!!!!!!!



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