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    Well the title pretty much sums it up. Almost everywhere I look, experts are picking the Vikings to be last place in their division, and that it'll be a rebuilding year. I laugh when I read early power rankings that put the Lions at 13th, and other such follies. I mean, are we really fooled into thinking this is finally the year for Detroit just because they drafted the number 1 reciever(and player)? Umm, yeah remember when this happened, oh I don't know, like the last three seasons? Ok, I admire Kitna's bravado in garaunteeing 40 TDs or whatever, I mean when you're a Lion you got to do what you got to do, even if deep down inside you don't believe a word of it yourself.  If Detroit wins more games than the Vikings, then I'll never touch a drink again. Maybe.

                    As far as the Bears are concerned, they had a great defense last year and got lucky. I believe whole-heartedly that Rex Grossman can not bring a team to the Super Bowl again. Hopefully all the Tank Johnson backlash will hurt their team chemistry. I think the race for the division will involve the Bears and Vikings, and could possibly come down to a Dec 17th match up in the Dome. Merry Christmas indeed.                  

The Packers? Please. They're the team that should be focusing on rebuilding. It's painfully clear that there is no chance of them going to the dance next  year, so why don't they dump Favre, bring up Rogers, give him some consistent starts, and see what the future holds in store? The loss of Ahman Green,Bubba, and some key offensive linemen seems to spell certain doom for ol' Favre. As a Viking fan I hate him, as a Football fan I respect the **** out of him, but listen old man. It's time to go.

                                                                          Oh trust me, the Vikings have a few holes and unanswered questions themselves. Tavaris Jackson remains a project-he stilll needs to adjust to the speed of the NFL and read defenses better-but he has a cannon and some legs. He has the help of what could be the best 1-2 punch running combo in the NFC, Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson, who in turn are benifitting from three of the best offensive linemen. Let's not also forget 3rd down specialist Mewelde Moore. In games last season where he rushed 100+ yards the Vikes were 4-0.  However, the passing game also needs to click in order for Tavaris to do well; I remember a game that he started late last season against the Rams where Jackson placed the ball perfectly but Williamson let it go right through his hands. I think the two big issues for the Vikes are the recieving core and the secondary. Last year Minnesota's pass defense was the worst in the league, due in part to a lackluster pass rush. This aspect will improve this year, with a health Eramus James to attack with Kenechi Udeze. With Smoot gone, (thank jesus) the young DBs will have to work extra hard to keep Winfield happy. I think Chad Greenways addition the linebacking core will be an obvious improvment from last year, and look for the best run defense in the league to be just as dominating. I admit, the Vikings will need a little luck to go all the way to the Super Bowl this season, but the talent is there. There is no reason to rebuild.



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