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The Raiders have improved so much in just 5 Months. There are big holes and question marks regarding the Raiders but they will win more games this year. When the Raiders signed Lane Kiffin as head coach, I shook my head in disbelief. This guy does have knowledge and experience in the Game. I know he was a Co-Offensive Cord., but I really think his team philosophy will be an upgrade from Art Shell. Not to mention that the Raiders had the 3rd best draft behind the 49ers and Cardinals.

Offense- Last year was horrendous.....That is really all you can say. The Raiders upgraded at all the Skilled positions. Picking up FB Justin Griffith was a great move. The guy can run, block, and catch very well. That is not something that you see anymore. RB Dominic Rhoades was a upgrade over Lamont Jordan. Even though he is going to serve a 4 game suspension, Rhoades will be just what the Raiders needed. Rhoades and Jordan will be a Good Duo. The WR position got a Facial.........Now that Porter will actually play, he will do very well. Curry will play at a high level if he isn't injured and trading for Mike Williams will prove to be good in the Slot and in the Red Zone. By drafting Arizona St. TE Zach Miller, the Raiders will have a proven commodity in the middle. Last but not least.....QB Jamarcus Russell should come in about week 4 and play well. Rhoades will be back by then and the Offense should get a boost. Russell is actually very accurate and has good poise in the pocket. The Offensive Line is where it all starts...............and has been a downfall for the Raiders. Look for them to improve and cut down sacks allowed this season. The Line has shuffled around a bit with LG Sims moving to LT, Gallery back to RT, and RG Carlisle Cooper coming in from Denver. Cooper is an upgrade from previous guys manning the position. LG Boothe and C Jake Grove are going to need to play well also. This group has lots of potential. I didn't even mention my Boy RB Michael Bush. Former QB recruit out high school.......This guy runs around 4.45-4.48 40 and he is very agile for his size. He will be the Raiders starting RB in a year or 2. The only reason he didn't go in the top 15 is his leg. He will be out maybe half of the season, but dude is a BEAST!

 The Defense............I love how well they played. Lets start with the DLine........DE Derrick Burgess needs to get a pay raise. I have to give it to him. I don't know what he is asking for but give that guy some money. He always found a way to rip my Cowboys when he played for the Eagles....and when the Raiders signed him, I knew they had a player. The Opposite side of Burgess is cause for concern. Brayton hasn't done too much since being in the league as far as a pass rusher. The Raiders got a steal when they got former BullDog DE Quentin Moses.....Had he came out as a Jr. he would have been a top 20 pick. He could step in as the future starter next season. At Defensive Tackle the Raiders have lots of options. Warren Sapp has lost a lot of weight which should allow him to play healthy for at least 2 or 3 more seasons. I really like Tommy Kelly and Tardell Sands. Kelly is a good pass rusher who could easily make the switch to 3-4 DE. LOLB is a question mark. I am not really sold on Sam Williams.......but at MLB at ROLB the Raiders have young Studs. Morrison is one of the best Young MLBs in the game. ROLB Thomas Howard is showing everyone why they drafted him in the 2nd round. Overall B+......Need a better LOLB. I think they should try Darnell Bing at that spot if he gaines about 10lbs. CB is a set position for a long time. Well thats if they sign Asomugha to a long term extension. The Raiders have a Solid group at CB. Washington and Asomugha form a great, young tandem. By drafting former LONGHORN FS Michael Huff, the Raiders have a Great, young Secondary. Now you add Saavy Vet Donovan Darius, the Raiders Defense has the youth and experience to almost dominate.

The 2007 Draft will be one to remember for the Raiders. Russell will become the Franchise QB. TE Zach Miller will be a good NFL TE. DE Moses should prove to be a long term starter. WR Higgins could prove to be a great slot guy. RB Michael Bush will be dominate in a couple of seasons. FS/SS Eric Frampton is looking to follow in the footsteps of former WSU Star Erik Coleman. This draft could produce 7 NFL starters for the Raiders...

 Overall, the Raiders have gone from worst to probably 3rd in the Divison. But given a couple of years they could be right back on top. Watch out the Silver and Black are coming back.................


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