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The top 3 remains unchanged of course, but this could be the weekend of the shakeup there with LSU visiting Tuscaloosa with the SEC West title on the line. This week I think you could take teams in spots 4-9 and place them in just about any order and either get tons of arguments from the respective fans of said teams or get no arguments at all thats how closely matched they seem to be or at least how closely they have performed. So without further ado.

1. Florida - 8-0, 6-0(SEC) - The Gators handled their business against the Bulldogs in the Cocktail Party. The question is was this because of the offense finally hitting its stride or because of the pourus nature of the UGA defense this year? I am thinking it was a little bit of both. Does anyone else think that Meyer may have been calling the plays the past couple of weeks to make sure that Tebow broke Hershal Walkers rushing TD record against Georgia? Last week 1(tie).

2. Alabama - 8-0, 5-0(SEC) - Alabama had a much needed week off. This team was starting to appear sluggish heading into the bye week so rest was in order. On to the bigger issue, did Alabama spend the off week working on their red zone offense and their passing game in general? Either way expect a knock down drag out war with LSU this weekend. Last week 1(tie)

3. LSU - 7-1, 4-1(SEC) - This team still controls its own destiny in the SEC and maybe in the National Championship picture. This will be the the best defense the Tigers have faced this year(sorry Gator fans). The last time LSU faced a defense this good coming off a bye week they didn't fare to well. Have to feel bad for LSU having to play both Bama and Florida coming off of bye's. Last week 3 Now comes the hard part:

4. Tennessee - 4-4, 2-3(SEC)- The only thing scarier than the ugly uniform the Vols wore Saturday night was the play of the defense. 3 turnover forced against the Gamecocks on their first 3 drives set the tone for the game as the Vols were quickly up 21-0. The question about this game is was this a sign of Tennessee actually playing better or was it because of USC's annual late season swoon? I think it was a little bit of both. Last week 8.

5. Auburn - 5-3, 3-3(SEC)- After the opening drive by Mississippi this game wasn't ever really in doubt as Auburn put on a pretty good defensive display. The passing game came together in a way that it hasn't since the Tennessee game. Tate was having a mediocre day until busting off a 50+ yard TD run. Undoing will be on special teams though as Ole Miss managed a huge kickoff return TD that almost put them back in the game. Last week 10.

6. South Carolina - 6-3, 3-3(SEC) - Huge case of butter fingers on first three drives turned what was a fairly competive game from USC's 4th drive on into a big win for UT. Last week 5.

7. Ole Miss - 5-3, 2-3(SEC) - McCluster can't do it all by himself, but he was pretty much a one man gang on Saturday as he was responsible for over half of Ole Miss's total yardage. Snead is still throwing as many to guys in different colored jersey's as he is TD passes. Not a formula for success in the SEC. Last week 4.

8. Arkansas - 4-4, 1-4(SEC) - Huge offensive numbers vs. an outmanned and outgunned Eastern Michigan team. There is no bigger Jeckyl and Hyde defense in the SEC. They fail to show up for UGA, Alabama, and Ole Miss then play Auburn and Florida tough. Last week 7

9. Georgia - 4-4, 3-3(SEC) - Inconsistant offense + pourus defense = Tebow breaking all time rushing TD record. This team is in real danger of not making a bowl this year with 3 of 4 left against Kentucky, Auburn, and Ga. Tech. Last week 6.

10. Mississippi St. 4-5, 2-3(SEC) - I'm not sure if any team in the SEC gets more out of the existing talent level than Dan Mullen does with the Bulldogs. They keep getting better as the season goes on and have a real shot of winning the Egg Bowl this year. Last week 11.

11. Kentucky - 4-4, 1-4(SEC) - I was tempted to put the Wildcats in a tie with the Miss. St. but given the Bulldogs beatdown of Kentucky this weekend they had to switch spots. With no decent options the Wildcats bowl chances just got slimmer. Last week 9

12. Vanderbilt - 2-7, 0-5(SEC) - Blowout home loss to Ga. Tech was U-G-L-Y. This is a well coached teams unfortunately for the Commedores there are 11 other well coached teams in the SEC with far superior talent. Last week 12.

This was the toughest week to do these power rankings. I had to go back and reevaluate my previous weeks rankings with far more scutiny. I think I had some teams underrated and other overrated given their performances over the whole season. Thats why some teams made big jumps and other took some plunges. This conference this year is seperated into distint groups.

Elite - Florida, Alabama

Very Good - LSU

Above Average - Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, South Carolina

Average - Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi St.

Bad - Vandy.


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